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Cody Robbins

At the age of 16, even though no one else in his family hunted, Cody was a diehard hunter and loved to entertain people with his hunting stories. He decided to buy a video camera and try to capture his experiences on film so that he could show his friends just exactly what happened each time he was in the woods. He filmed as an amateur for a couple years before deciding he had to take it to a new level; he wanted to start producing videos to sell.

A great friend of his, Bentley Coben, found a used professional camera for Cody, and he bought it. From this point on, Cody lived in the woods, videotaping whitetail and mulie bucks until he was blue in the face! Late that September, he captured some footage of an amazing whitetail buck. He was very close to 200 inches Boone & Crockett and the footage was fantastic!

Cody was hunting with a good friend who was actually cousins with Jim Shockey. Jim was on his way out to hunt their giant whitetails in a few weeks when Jim's cousin informed him of the buck that Cody had filmed. Jim asked if he could see the footage of the deer and possibly hunt the buck when he arrived. When Jim watched the footage of the buck, he asked if we would be interested in being his cameraman for the season. With no hesitation, they gave him the nod. Jim and Cody hunted the buck for the next month, every single day, and finally near the end of November they crossed paths with the incredible brute again, and Cody captured Jim making a perfect shot on him at 130 yards.

After that whitetail season Jim informed Cody that he was planning on starting a show on Outdoor Channel and he asked if Cody would want to be his full-time cameraman and editor. Again without hesitation, Cody gave him the nod!

Cody was Jim's cameraman and editor for seven years. The first two years of the show it was only Jim and Cody. And with the years to follow, Jim hired more cameramen and editors to expand the show. Cody travelled and hunted with Jim in over 15 different countries. Along with filming, Cody also guided for Jim in his black bear territory on Vancouver Island and also in his Yukon territory for moose, grizzly bear and caribou -- never without a camera rolling over his shoulder. With Jim being Cody's teacher for seven years, Jim gave Cody experiences that he could never replace.

With the dream of producing his own show, Cody created Live2Hunt in 2008. In its first year, it won BEST NEW SHOW for outdoor television in Canada. In its second year, it won BEST OVERALL CANADIAN OUTDOOR SHOW.