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Dave Reisner

Dave and I met in middle school back in the early 80's. We immediately realized we shared a passion for the outdoors so we began hunting and fishing together. I lived on the edge of town so Dave would ride his moped to my house with his trusty .410 single barrel shotgun strapped to the side so that we could go hunting together. I was with Dave when he shot his first rooster pheasant and I called in his first spring gobbler more than 20 years ago. This past fall I called in his first archery bull in New Mexico. Needless to say we have been on countless hunting adventures together and in 1993 we started capturing our hunts on film for Drury Outdoors. We have become a part of the DOD family and are now the longest tenured Team in Drury Outdoors. We are also co-hosts of PSE and Drury Outdoors Bow Madness. We feel truly blessed to be part of the best Team in the outdoor industry and our passion for hunting and filming is burning as much now as it was the first day we started.

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