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Dean Capuano

Dean Capuano grew up in a world of hunting and fishing. From a very early age Dean was fascinated with anything outdoors, but hunting and fishing growing up on the east coast, was a way a life. From the time he was old enough to hold a fishing pole or shoot a gun, he was chasing some sort of game. As he grew older his love for the outdoors grew from something he did as a kid to a life-long obsession. Although there were necessary sidetracks along the way, such as college and becoming a National Hockey League draft pick of the Boston Bruins, hunting and fishing was the constant that always got him through the tough times.

After graduating college he was lucky enough to land job with SWAROVSKI OPTIK North America and for the past 12 years he has handled communications for the high end optics manufacturer in North America. Over the past decade he has literally hunted the world. Although whitetails are his passion he has chased all different types of game and has hunted on 5 continents.

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