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Hal Shaffer

Hal Shaffer, an Alabama native and lifelong outdoorsman, has lived a life of adventure from an early age. He took his first buck at age 13, and has been hopelessly hooked on the outdoors ever since. With NASCAR pit crew experience under his belt, Shaffer shares his cohost's love of NASCAR and all-things-racing. A veteran of both outdoor television and radio, Shaffer is a seasoned professional who knows how to entertain and educate fans and consistently delivers high-quality programming week in and week out. Shaffer began his entertainment career doing radio ads for a Chevy dealer and parlayed that into Carolina Outdoors as his first stint in hunting TV. In his first episode, he hosted football legend, Dan Marino as a guest.

His personality is infectious and is only overshadowed by his love of the outdoors. Shaffer pursues whitetail, elk, mule deer waterfowl, turkey and other game with equal passion. While he chases this wide variety of game, Shaffer is a diehard bear hunter and holds the pending world record black bear. An adept marksman and skilled gunsmith, Shaffer knows his way around a rifle and has perfected what he calls the "Golden Trigger TKO" - the taking of a trophy-class animal with a clean, one-shot kill.