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Jim Ferguson

It all started for Jim when he was all of five years old and his father took him hunting with a Red Ryder BB gun. As he grew so did his passion for the outdoors, so if he wasn't hunting you would find him tagging along with his Grandfather to a favorite fishing hole. As the years progressed he would share that same passion with his children. Jim's idea of a romantic date was taking his wife, on their wedding anniversary, to a trophy ranch where she would go sit with him in the hunting blind. It didn't seem to matter where his career took him he always seemed to be drawn to where he was the most comfortable, outdoors. His adventures have taken him to fishing Bass tournaments, harvesting 19 of the 29 North American Big Game animals and teaching others how to read a stream when fly fishing. When he is not visiting Alaska, just one more time, you will find him sharing his passion with others on the radio .... hoping they will be drawn into the world that he dearly loves.