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Mark Newell

Mark is a professional land manager and wildlife biologist from Northeast Mississippi. He is Tecomate’s Wildlife Biologist and General Manager for Tecomate Wildlife Systems. Mark also is the project manager of Tecomate Properties and president of Newell Wildlife Services.

Mark foraged his skills as a land manager by obtaining a Wildlife Science Degree from Mississippi State University. Those skills were refined during his time at Tara Wildlife (a bow hunting only outfitter near Vicksburg, MS), Timbercraft (a forestry consulting and implementation company near DeKalb, MS), and Bayou Pierre Outfitters (a hunting outfitter near Jackson, MS) where he was biologist, manager, and head guide.

In the summer of 2005, Mark started doing some part time wildlife consulting work and Newell Wildlife Services was born. Their goal of producing “Healthy Huntable Habitat” quickly turned into a nationwide business managing over 25,000 acres in just a few years. Mark’s clients included hunting clubs on timber company lands, private landowners, and private land cooperatives on land bases ranging from 50 acres up to around 10,000 acres. This model of wildlife consulting caught the eye of Tecomate Wildlife Systems where he became an associate wildlife biologist heading up their consulting team and later a Tecomate Seed sales rep. As Tecomate started to grow and expand, it split into two companies: 1.) Tecomate Properties, a land development and marketing company which produces and presents high end hunting properties to the public. 2.) Tecomate Wildlife Systems, a high-quality wildlife seed company producing seeds and seed systems providing the best nutrition and attraction possible. Mark currently works for both companies as their wildlife biologist; however he is also the project manager of Tecomate Properties, the cohost of 2 outdoor TV shows (The Bucks of Tecomate and Tecomate Whitetail Nation), and General Manager of Tecomate Wildlife Systems.

With all of this he still finds time to spend with his wife of 16 years, Emily, and his three kids, Anna Grace, Emma Kate and Joshua. Also, for Mark hunting is still a priority and not a luxury traveling to many counties and states in pursuit of big bucks, long beards, and many others. It is this mix of hunter, manager, biologist, husband, father, and love for the Lord & His great creation that has made Mark the person that he is today.

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