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Matt Busbice

Matt is most notably known for inventing some wild hunting products and co-founding a family owned company, Wildgame Innovations. He is also known from appearing on two reality shows with his family: Country Bucks on A&E and Wildgame Nation on Outdoor Channel. He also appears on Outdoor Channel TV show classics such as Buck Commander and Buckmasters. Matt Busbice is a Louisiana native who has been in the industry for roughly 20 years and now is launching 3 new companies: Tectonic Daytime Deer Feeders, Accubow Virtual Archery and Buckfeather USA-made apparel. Matt has gone “viral” after posting several of his weird hunts, making Matt the perfect fit for hosting a show such as Viral Outdoors which celebrates the best, most wild hunting, fishing and outdoors the internet has to offer.

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