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Matt Busbice

Matt is most notably known for inventing some wild hunting products and co-founding a family owned company, Wildgame Innovations. He is also known from appearing on two reality shows with his family: Country Bucks on A&E and Wildgame Nation on Outdoor Channel. He also appears on and hosts other Outdoor Channel TV show classics such as For Love or Likes, Buck Commander and Buckmasters. Matt Busbice is a Louisiana native who has been in the industry for roughly 20 years and now is launching 3 new companies: Tectonic Daytime Deer Feeders, Accubow Virtual Archery and Buckfeather USA-made apparel. Matt has gone “viral” after posting several of his weird hunts, making Matt the perfect fit for hosting a show such as Viral Outdoors which celebrates the best, most wild hunting, fishing and outdoors the internet has to offer.

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