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Matt Drury

Matt has been in and around Drury Outdoors his entire life. From an early age he watched as his father, Terry, and Uncle Mark grew the company from the ground up. Appearing in several of the original videos as a kid he received a first hand knowledge of what it took to produce a video. Matt was lucky enough to be able to sit in on several of Mark and Terry's studio edit sessions and learned to love the "behind the scenes" process more then the actual hunting itself. Little did he know that later in life those studio sessions would have helped shape his future and career choice. As Matt was nearing the end of his last semester in college, Mark offered him an editing position after graduation. Upon being hired at Drury Marketing, Inc. he seems to have found his way back to the sport he used to love spending time with his dad doing. Matt has had a blast hunting with his dad again and loves heading up to the farm to chase those awesome whitetails! He is currently the General Manager for Drury Outdoors, running the day to day operations on Mark & Terry's behalf!

Twitter: @MATTDRURY81

Instagram: @mattdrury81