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Mike Schoby

After spending all my adult life, hunting, fishing and vagabonding through every continent as a writer, photographer and storyteller I decided to join the Field Ethos team due to its unabashed truth-telling about all things sporting. Often the real tales of adventure are left on the editing floor and I wanted to make a change to the process. What I have found makes a true adventure is the unscripted weirdness that happens simply because you were there … such as spending a night in a Botswana jail cell or getting held at AK-point by Mexican drug smugglers. Or getting drunk on Tusker beer somewhere east of the Amboseli plains and wrestling a Masai warrior for five bucks. Final life lesson: No matter how tempting it seems, don’t wear a tux and a custom kilt while stalking stags in Scotland … the locals don’t approve.

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