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Nate Hosie

Nate Hosie was born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the town of Montdale. At six, Nat‘s father and gradfather began taking him on pheasant hunts and it didn’t take them long to realize they had created a monster. As years passed his passion and knowledge for hunting grew. He began to hunt with two neighbors, country certified experts on hunting turkeys, deer, grouse and anything else that moved. Nate took an overwhelming interest in turkey hunting and took his calling and hunting tactics to the next level. Practicing yelping on a daily basis, he won several calling contests, earning the nickname "The Turkey Slayer". After a few years with Top Calls, a legendary call company, he began doing production and field staffing for Hunters Specialties, meeting Randy Birdsong. Nate jumped at the opportunity to be a part of HeadHunters TV, and is excited to show the viewers that there still are people in this world who appreciate memories made in God’s country.