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Ron Schara

As a writer and television personality, Ron Schara has been sharing the great outdoor experience with readers and viewers for over four decades. He's a story teller who often relays the wonders of nature through the lives of others. Over the seasons, Ron's stories have been enjoyed by millions of outdoor enthusiasts who share Ron’s passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

Ron's soft spoken but direct delivery and appealing on-camera image have made him a popular resource as on all-purpose, outdoor/naturalist commentator.

Ron's knowledge and understanding of our natural surroundings is more than just a journalist's assignment. Born in Postville, Iowa, he grew up loving the outdoors in northeast Iowa's ruggedbluff country. He graduated with degrees in journalism and fish/wildlife biology from Iowa State in 1966 and he has never veered from his ambition.

Whether writing a newspaper story, talking with his radio and television audience, or appearing before a live audience, Ron Schara likes to use colorful storytelling to create an experience for his audience. The results speak for themselves, as Ron's full service television production company has won dozens of awards including regional Emmy Awards.

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