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Tim Anello

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tim grew up with a strong love for the outdoors. His parents took him and his brother camping every summer, where they learned to fish backwater streams and creeks and cook foil wrapped dinners on the campfire. “Whether at the beach or the ball field and everywhere in between - I couldn’t get enough of the outdoors”, Tim said.

“But when it comes to hunting, I was a bit late arriving on the scene. My first hunt was my freshman year in high school and let me tell you … it was the coldest duck hunt I have ever been on and someone forgot to tell the ducks to stop by!” Nonetheless, on that unsuccessful and frozen morning Tim found something he could enjoy when it was too cold to do anything else outside. Thanks to a large amount of public hunting land in Oklahoma, Tim gravitated to bird hunting, particularly, quail and pheasant.

The next progression was hunting whitetails and he decided to start off the hard way! He skipped the gun and went straight to the bow. “Now, if you can imagine a self-taught bow hunter trying to learn on public land, well, you can see why after a few years I wasn’t so keen on bowhunting whitetails anymore!” That all changed for Tim after a random meeting through other friends with a guy named Dave Poteat. “When we started Inside Outdoors TV, I quickly realized I had teamed up with a seriously, seasoned big game hunter whom over the years, has helped me go from no whitetails under my belt to having more than a few hanging on my wall along with several bull elk, mule deer, bear and turkeys” The unique part of Tim’s growth as a hunter, is that every big game animal he has ever taken, has been caught on camera. Yep, all the trials and tribulations for viewers to enjoy….or laugh at.

“While some would call my love for the outdoors an addiction, that addiction is trumped by my love for God and for family. The highlight of my entire hunting career was when my daughter killed her first turkey while sitting in my lap!” Tim’s young son will be tagging along on hunting trips soon and is sure to become a hunter, just like dad! Along with Co-Host, Dave Poteat, Tim has been able to make a successful career out of traveling the world and hunting many different species of big game. His ‘mild’ start in hunting, has grown to a very in depth knowledge base of how to get in close and punch tags from the eastern shores of Virginia to western shores of California and from northern Saskatchewan to Old Mexico.

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