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Tim Anello

Growing up, Tim Anello had a father with an incredible reputation as a producer/cameraman and a family that loved camping, fishing and just about every outdoor sport. He became a natural with a camera and was helping his dad with the family production company from the age of 18 when he got to film his first Bassmaster tournament and became Anello Productions’ chief editor at the age of 22 and President of Anello Productions in 2022.

Tim’s hunting focused on upland birds and waterfowl until they began filming hunts with the idea of a television show. What they captured on camera (not killed) was a hunting experience shared by great friends that spawned a television show concept, now widely known as, Inside Outdoors TV.

Since 2007 Tim has been the editor, producer, and co-host of this successful outdoor show, sharing hunting knowledge and experiences from across the country with a national audience through professional grade television production.

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