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Tom McMillan

Growing up in central Kansas, Tom McMillan learned at an early age how important hunting and enjoying God’s great outdoors would become in his life. His love of chasing, learning from, and outsmarting big, Kansas whitetails eventually evolved into a career in the hunting industry. As a young child, it was always a fine balance between working on the family farm and ranch, and finding every spare minute to hunt and fish. Ranch life lead Tom to college on a Rodeo Scholarship, but being personally invested in the cattle business since the young age of twelve, Tom knew that he would always return home to be in the outdoors.

In his early adult life, Tom involved himself in many different ways to make ends meet. Working full time on the family farm, owning and custom feeding cattle, training horses, horse shoeing full time, and carpentry were some of the many trades that helped pay the bills until the thought of guiding hunts came along.

In the spring of 2000 Tom made the life changing decision to start his guided hunt business McMillan Outfitting, Inc. Almost immediately Tom could see that his interest in big whitetails may have helped to mold and create his future. Within a few years of guiding hunters from all over the United States, Tom engaged in the recreational real estate market which helped to support and strengthen McMillan Outfitting, Inc.

By 2009 the thought of outdoor television was beginning to be mentioned frequently around Tom’s hunting camps and soon after the opportunity arose to create an outdoor lifestyle show that focused on Tom, his family, life and businesses. Now going into it’s eleventh season on Outdoor Channel McMillan stills portrays Tom’s love of the outdoors. Tom’s wife Jacque, his son Gatlin, his family, friends, and his many interesting hunting clients help provide story lines and outdoor adventures within each episode.

When handed a business card from Tom McMillan you will notice that it says "dirt cleans thy soul". This is a code that Tom still lives by today and proves how important hard work and the great outdoors have been to him - and always will be.

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