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Season 1

Season 1 | Episode 1


Chef Andrew Zimmern prepares a craveable appetizer of bison tenderloin bites, fried until crisp, tossed in a spicy seasoning blend and served with two dipping sauces — an Indian-inspired tamarind sauce and a classic Hunan peanut sauce.

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Season 1 | Episode 2


Chef Andrew Zimmern grills prosciutto-wrapped whole trout stuffed with lemon and herbs. To complete the meal, he cooks rice pilaf directly in the hot coals and makes a simple blender sauce with garlic and herbs.

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Season 1 | Episode 3


Chef Andrew Zimmern butchers and trims his favorite tender cuts from the venison leg, grills the meat over an open fire and serves it with coal-roasted sweet potatoes and a sweet and spicy pepper relish.

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Season 1 | Episode 4


Chef Andrew Zimmern cooks a simple and elegant meal of seared salmon with a classic lemon, dill and caper pan sauce, and a side of crispy skillet-fried potatoes and onions.

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Season 1 | Episode 5


Chef Andrew Zimmern butchers a whole rabbit, then braises the meat in a rich and flavorful red chile sauce to serve in taco shells. He tops it all off with a simple blended tomatillo salsa and fresh cilantro.

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Season 1 | Episode 6


Chef Andrew Zimmern grills bone-in elk chops with a simple mustard glaze over hardwood charcoal, served with mashed rutabaga and an irresistible topping of pan-seared bacon, apples and onions.

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Season 1 | Episode 7


Chef Andrew Zimmern cooks a comforting farmhouse meal of pheasant in a creamy apple gravy paired with an easy corn pudding cooked right in the coals.

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Season 1 | Episode 8


Chef Andrew Zimmern shares his favorite way to prepare wild turkey breast — brined in pickle juice, dredged and pan-fried over an open fire, served with an indulgent cheese sauce and jalapeno-bacon wild rice.

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Season 1 | Episode 9


Chef Andrew Zimmern cooks a hearty pot of classic Louisiana gumbo using wild duck two different ways — he braises the dark quarters in the soup and grills crispy-skinned duck breast for the topping.

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Season 1 | Episode 10


Chef Andrew Zimmern prepares the ultimate shore lunch of fried walleye filets, served with a tangy homemade tartar sauce, coleslaw and crispy fried potatoes.

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