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American Airgunner Challenge

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American Airgunner Challenge Preview: Fastest 3 Birds

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Welcome to The Airgunner Challenge - Influencer Edition! This reality shooting competition follows 8 competitors with major shooting skills in the firearm industry, and introduces them to the up and coming, trending air rifle and airgun industry through intense shooting challenges each week with crazy set-ups and targets!

This season is insane and entertaining with a diverse range of personalities including two U.S. Army Vets, Naked and Afraid Finalist, Navy SEAL Vet, Firearm YouTuber and Video Creator, U.S.M.C. Vet, Outdoorsman and Huntress, and a Call of Duty character - but only one is walking away with $25,000 and the 2023 Airgunner Challenge Champion Belt!

American Airgunner Challenge


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