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My Outdoor Family

About The Show

Eva is an outdoor icon. She has a best selling book, several major endorsement deals, and over a million eager followers on multiple social media platforms. Her message is simple, she promotes living a family focused outdoor lifestyle.

However, behind the scenes, Eva’s life is anything but simple. Her husband Tim recently gave up his hockey career to start a new job in the city. They live together with their infant daughter Leni-Bow in a non-assuming suburbia home where the outdoors aren’t easy to come by. Sticking to the outdoor-minded ideals she works so hard to promote is tough.

My Outdoor Family follows Eva, Tim and little Leni-Bow as they learn and grow as a family. Every key situation, decision and event will be framed around living and embracing the outdoor lifestyle as best as a young family with many conflicting obligations can.

My Outdoor Family


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