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SAW Sling From EMA


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EMA Tactical is proud to introduce our new SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) sling. Our SAW sling is designed to be used by the operator when carrying crew served weapons. The whole squad depends on the soldier with the SAW and carrying it is tiresome.

Designed with the comfort of the soldier in mind and understanding the need for a heavy duty sling in the marketplace today, our new SAW sling spreads the weight over a very large surface of the upper body. With our new SAW sling the soldier arrives at his destination in a much less fatigued condition than with an ordinary sling and is ready to complete the mission.

The 4” wide 1” thick padding is 33” long protected in a Cordura outer covering with a mesh lining for wicking moisture on the underside. The edges are protected with nylon piping. A 2” wide nylon webbing is securely stitched along the length of the padding and with box X stitching at both ends for extra reinforcement. There are metal strap length adjustments slides at both ends of the nylon webbing.

Overall sling length can be adjusted between 57” and 75”. Heavy duty metal safety hooks are wrapped with vinyl backed nylon shrouds to eliminate noise from rattling and provide a secure attachment to the SAW. Manufactured in Israel by Marom Dolphin. EMA Tactical is the exclusive distributor of Marom Dolphin products in the USA.

Item # SAW Heavy Duty Crew Served Weapon Sling

Please contact Chris Murray at 215-949-9944 extension #108 or for additional product information.

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