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Getting Back In the Saddle with a Precision Rifle

By: Julie Golob

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Since my littlest one was born the only triggers I have been pressing have been on my Canon T1i, Nikon 5200 and my iPhone. I do indeed have all three staged and ready for every opportunity to catch cuteness as well as the occasional yum moment and beast or bird that happens by the house. Meanwhile my hubby’s obsession er, I mean, “interest” in long range shooting and reloading is going full bore. I confess, I am a wee bit jealous every now and again. When the opportunity to get a little trigger time popped up with one of his latest toys I absolutely could not resist!

You know your special someone loves you when he lets you take the sports car for a spin. My honey’s Porsche 911 happens to be an Accuracy International AE MK III in .308 with a Nightforce Optics F1. Within a couple of shots behind the gun, it became apparent why my husband spends so much time at this. I get it! The AI is like a rifle version of my Bianchi gun!

Precision Rifle

The rifle is a pleasure to shoot. It’s a beast at about 16 pounds making the recoil hardly noticeable. The Nightforce is crystal clear and I shot both Federal 175 gr. Gold Medal Match and a few rounds of my hunting ammo, ASYM Ammunition 168 gr. Barnes TTSX out of it. The only group shooting I do with rifles is prepping for hunting season or zeroing my Smith & Wesson M&P15 for 3-Gunning so when I shot a .456 inch group out of the AI at 100 yards, I was pretty stoked.

I don’t plan to quit my day job of running around and shooting targets fast, but I admit, this long range stuff is totally addictive and it felt oh-so-good to be behind a gun again!

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