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7 Tips to a Better Revolver: Tip #3

By: Ed Head, Down Range TV

This is the third of seven revolver tips.

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Tip #3 - Fit It

7 Tips to a Better Revolver: Tip #6

Any handgun needs to fit the shooter’s hand. Because there are so many variations in grip size and shape available for wheel guns getting a proper fit is easy. Revolver grips are made in materials ranging from traditional wood to soft recoil absorbing rubber, and custom makers can make grips sized to a specific hand. Hogue, Pachmayr and Eagle offer grips in many styles and materials while outfits like Herrett’s offer standard as well as custom fitted grips. Small custom operations like Esmeralda offer beautiful grips in many exotic woods. Getting the fit you need while dressing up your revolver has never been easier. Crimson Trace makes Lasergrips for most revolvers and I find them particularly useful on the smaller revolvers with fixed sights.

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