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Streamlight: New Products in the Protac Line

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By: Ed Head,

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Jean (hereafter referred to as the Domestic Goddess, or DG, for short) and I were having dinner with an old Border Patrol buddy, Steve Osgood, and Streamlight’s Jeff Orr in the historic Palace Saloon in Prescott. Jeff had made the trip up the hill from Phoenix to hand deliver to me the one and only new Streamlight Protac HL-4 in all the Arizona territory, a flashlight producing an astonishing 2,200 lumens of blinding, eyeball melting pure, white light. Having seen the light at SHOT and begged and pestered Jeff to get me one ever since, I was ecstatic to finally have this marvelous flamethrower at hand, until the DG spoke up and said, “What do you want that for, the house is full of flashlights already.” “Yes, but this one is special; it has super powers, dearest. Why, you could bring down satellites with this thing or melt zombies in their tracks,” I pleaded. “Uh huh……..”, said she. Seeing I was foundering and in need of immediate assistance, Jeff leapt to my aid, produced a tiny light and handed it to my beloved. “Ooooo,” she cooed, “I like this. It fits my hand and fits in my purse. When can I get one?”

In due course a package from Streamlight arrived with, not one, but two small lights. The Goddess promptly secreted hers and told me I could have the other, slightly larger light. And then it happened – we were out for dinner with friends just this week when someone dropped a valuable item under the table into the darkness. In a flash the DG had whipped out her light, illuminated the lost treasure and saved the day. Smugly returning the light to her purse she said, “I like my new flashlight; everyone should have one of these and carry it with them all the time.”

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