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Reviewing the Ruger SR 1911 10mm

Need a pistol that shoots better than you do? Read on to find out why you should be excited about Ruger's new 10mm edition to their SR 1911 lineup

The Ruger SR 1911 10mm (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV) The Ruger SR 1911 10mm (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Ed Head

Is anyone surprised Ruger added a 10mm pistol to their growing SR 1911 lineup? It was only a matter of time and that time has come. While fans of the 10mm round rejoice, others may be wondering what the fuss is about so let me explain. Back in the Dark Ages, around 1983, Jeff Cooper proposed a pistol built for his conceptual 10mm pistol round, a combination he hoped to be the next great step forward in defensive pistols and ammunition. Unfortunately, the project was a flop as the Bren Ten pistol failed for a variety of reasons and Norma, the company initially producing the ammunition, souped the round up beyond Cooper’s specifications and turned it into a high pressure, hard to handle pistol round akin to Magnum revolver ammunition.

The 10mm was kept alive when Colt, and later Glock, produced 10mm pistols and other manufacturers came out with ammunition. The next developmental step occurred in 1989 when the FBI adopted a large frame Smith & Wesson pistol in 10mm as a reaction to the perceived failure of the 9mm round in the infamous Miami shootout. This project failed when agents had trouble qualifying with hot ammunition in a pistol that was way too big to be easily concealed. Smith & Wesson came to the rescue with the creation of the .40 S&W round that fit in a 9mm framed pistol and it seemed as though the 10mm was doomed once more.

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