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Reviewing the Bond Arms Bullpup 9

If you've been searching for a compact and powerful pistol for concealed carry, consider the new Bond Arms Bullpup9

The Bond Arms Bullpup 9 (Photo courtesy of The Bond Arms Bullpup 9 (Photo courtesy of

By: Ed Head

If you’ve been round the firearms business for a couple of decades you may remember the curious XR9-S pistol made by a company called Boberg Arms. The Boberg pistol was an attempt to make a small, compact 9mm pistol of bullpup design. Bullpups, as more often seen in rifles, move the chamber and magazine to the rear, thus allowing a standard length barrel to fit in a shorter, more compact package. The Boberg failed commercially for a number of reasons, not the least of which were a price around $1400, the need to apply a large dollop of messy, black grease to the internals and the tendency to pull cartridges apart, thus dumping the gunpowder into the goo. Even with proper ammunition, the Boberg needed to be re-greased every 30 to 50 rounds, a messy process most shooters would rather avoid.

Enter Gordon Bond, owner of Bond Arms and the producer of the finest double-barreled handguns on the planet. A genuinely nice guy and a manufacturing genius, Gordon bought Boberg Arms almost two years ago and set about turning the troublesome little pistol into one that actually works – the Bond Arms Bullpup9. He discovered all sorts of things about the original design that needing improving, like a lack of heat-treating in critical parts, and found a super slick aerospace metal coating to eliminate the need for the objectionable grease. If you’ve handled some of Bond’s other handguns you’re sure to be impressed by the beautiful rosewood stocks and the Bullpup9 benefits from the same treatment. The top end of the pistol is meticulously machined stainless steel and the frame is likewise machined from a block of aluminum before being anodized. It’s a good looking pistol that balances nicely in the hand. According to my postal scale the pistol weighs 18.9 ounces empty with the magazine in place and has a fully loaded carrying weight of 21.8 ounces with 6+1 rounds of Sig V-Crown 115gr. defensive rounds on board.

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