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Art From The Woodpile

Pro lumberjack Dave Jewett uses creative mind for chainsaw art

By: Craig Lamb,

It’s late summer and somebody is already in the woods cutting firewood. Come closer to the steady buzz of a chainsaw and you discover something is wrong with this picture.

Yep, there’s a guy cutting wood, but it’s not for the firewood pile. And the chainsaw bar is shorter than most. The guy is big as a lumberjack. He’s making deliberate strokes across the wood. Just like a portrait painter does with brush across canvas.

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The guy is a lumberjack. And in this setting he’s an artist. Meet Dave Jewett, a woodsman with a creative eye for turning logs into art. Not yard art. But of meticulous carvings made with a chainsaw. Call it his gasoline-powered paintbrush.

Jewett is a world champion pro lumberjack. Travels take him across the country and throughout the world. Recently, he competed in Norway on the U.S. relay team at the 2012 STIHL Timbersports World Championships.

Back home, Jewett balances training and competing with his second career. That job runs from spring until fall when he stops to sell his wares. Some are sold to art boutiques, while others are custom orders. Most are sold at his Christmas tree stand in Pittsford, N.Y. Loyal customers come for a tree and to pick out wood-carved ornaments and figurines for themselves or gifts. You’ll even find chainsaw-crafted furniture for home and cottage.

This gas-powered art form comes naturally to Jewett. You won’t find sketches or blueprints for carving designs in his home studio. The ideas all come to mind as he carves. And to think all this comes from the same woodpile he rummages through for firewood.

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