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Best of ICAST 2011 - Honorable Mentions

By: Jeff Phillips,

Bandit’s New Squarebill Crankbait

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Pete Ponds tells me this squarebill is a bit larger and “is a big fish bait.” Well, Pete, I’m a huge squarebill fan; I like to cover a lot of shallow water. I found a few of these at my local tackle store and can’t wait to give them a try.


Pinnacle Optimus Hand-Tuned Reel

Pinnacle Optimus Hand-Tuned Reel

They’re making this too easy. Every Optimus Hand-Tuned reel undergoes a final step at Pinnacle’s California facility before being released to the market. The reel is subjected to an 8-step manual inspection and adjustment program covering every major system inside and out. The customer even receives a signed personal business card from the facility’s Service Manager to certify the reel has been thoroughly hand tuned. As a result, it arrives in the angler’s hands pre-calibrated for optimum casting, braking, retrieving and drag performance right from the start.

Death Shimmer Spinnerbaits

An interesting spinnerbait that pretty much looks just like any other spinnerbait on the market. The difference is the wire arm from the line eyelet to the blades. The wire isn’t straight and has several bends and curves. The shape and additional surface area contact with the water yields more vibration than a normal spinnerbait. Could be a go-to bait in stained to muddy water and at night.


Fish Bomb

Nope, it’s not C4 or dynamite in a can to toss in the water and blow up fish. Ever heard of the Buck Bomb scent dispenser? This is the same exact concept, except the Fish Bomb disperses an attractant, menhaden oil, into the water. It’s the perfect option for areas where chumming is illegal. Might be a good way to bait up a catfishing hole as well.



If you look at some of the sonar/GPS units that are available today, it’s easy to see that highly technical electronics have hit the fishing industry. A fresh idea, called the HydroWave, has given anglers another electronic weapon. The HydroWave doesn’t necessarily find fish, it make the fish around you more aggressive. In simple terms, it’s an electronic dinner bell for fish.


WaveSpin Spinning Reels

I haven’t tried one of these yet, but if it works, I’m all in! You ever get tangles in your spinning reels? Traditional spinning reels loops are inevitably formed when small increments of slack line are reeled onto the spool. With a standard smooth spool, these loops often crawl together forming a hairpin or even a twisted loop that overhangs the spool lip. During the cast the line is pulled tight against the spool lip, engages the loop, snatches it and all the line spooled on top of this loop to form a bird’s nest. With WaveSpin, as a loop forms across the face of the spool, it is forced to exit and re-enter the spool through the paths of least resistance as a single, tight loop at the base of the waves. In the cast, as the line skims harmlessly over the peaks of the waves, it never contacts the loops hidden safely down between the waves. Loops leave the spool unnoticed in the normal sequence of the cast and tangles are completely eliminated.


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