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The Ivy Branch Trail System


From Fisher's ATV World

Big news out of Hatfield-McCoy Country: The newest addition to the HMT Family, the Ivy Branch Trail System, is getting ready to launch this summer!

The new system is unique to Hatfield-McCoy because it will be the first system op to FULL SIZE 4X4 VEHICLES! Located in Lincoln County, adjacent to the current Little Coal River System, Ivy Branch will open with approximately 75 miles of trails. Full size 4x4 features include special trails and rock crawling areas. Other trails will be open to UTVs, ATVs, and Dirt Bikes as well.

Said Hatfield-McCoy Marketing Director Mike Pinkerton, "Plans to construct a 4x4 riding area have been in the works since the inception of the trail system and we're very excited to be able to finally offer a trail to the full-size 4x4 market."

Despite this big news, the future of the system is already being planned.

"Only a river separates Boone County [home of the Little Coal system] and Lincoln County so we are getting an engineer to design us a beautiful bridge to connect Little Coal to Ivy Ridge," said John Fekete, Hatfield-McCoy Trails Deputy Director. "This is gonna be a very big deal for us and our riders will love it."

The Grand Opening of the system is currently scheduled for July 15th, 2013. Look for more news as we get closer to the big day!

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