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Footsteps to the Future

Scouts show mettle by bringing bronze statue to hometown


Will and Paul Reilly wanted to do something monumental for their Eagle Scout project.

So the twins, who began their scouting career in the fourth grade almost 8 years ago, came up with an idea that would be a gift to their hometown of Prescott, Ariz., and a tribute to their mentors as scouting in the U.S. celebrates its 100th anniversary.

When the Troop 6 members discovered that renowned artist Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows had created a life-size bronze sculpture of two scouts entitled, “Footsteps to the Future” for the city of Spokane, Wash., and a tribute to her father, they decided to try get a copy of it in their city.

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Their father, Ed Reilly, owns Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry and Gallery that cast the piece. The boys work included getting the Prescott Area Art Trust, the Boy Scout Eagle Board and the Prescott City Council on board.

As a local non-profit organization, the Art Trust’‘s goal is to place sculptures in the Prescott area to enhance the artistic environment. They agreed to act as fiduciaries and accept tax deductible donations for the   project totaling about $98,000.

With Will engineering the piece with the help of local business Frost Structural Engineering, and Paul working on the architectural design and being mentored by Otwell & Associates Architects, the Eagle Board approved it.

The City Council was excited about the idea of another beautiful sculpture in the city, and with input from the Prescott Parks and Recreation department, a highly visible site was chosen on the corner of Miller Valley Road and Iron Springs in front of Miller Valley Elementary School.

The artist price is $85,000, and Reilly’s Bronzesmith donated the profit and gallery commission of $28,000. A lot of the fundraising monies have come from the purchasing of engraved bricks, tiles, and plaques that will be a part of the base and site. With the help of anonymous donations and any community members’ help, the boys reached their goal.

The sculpture will be a visible reminder to the community of the importance of the core values Scouting teaches, and stand as a symbol of inspiration to our future generations of leaders, mentors, and Scouts.

For video on the Eagle Scout quest, click here

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