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DoubleStar Constant Carry Carbine "C3"


The Constant Carry Carbine is the ultimate lightweight carbine. At only 5.5lbs, DSC has created one of the most versatile AR-15s available. The ultra-lightweight makes it an ideal beginner’s AR, duty rifle, or bugout weapon. DSC has joined forces with the Samson Mfg. to bring you their 9” Evolution handguard. This lightweight, sturdy aluminum forearm allows the shooter to place their accessories anywhere on the handguard without having the extra weight of a full rail system. The 9” length extends of the carbine low profile gas system and gives the shooter a little extra real estate. DSC chose the lightest stock sister company Ace Limited offers for this build. The 7” Ace AR-UL-E is standard, but may be upgraded to the 9” AR-UL version for a longer trigger pull at no extra charge. Both models also include a 1” or ½” buttpad that can be added for additional comfort and length of pull.

If you are looking for a carbine that’s reliable, lightweight, and made with the same outstanding quality as the rest of the DSC line-up, look no further than the Constant Carry Carbine. Made in the USA.

*Also available as a short barreled rifle!


  • Barrel: 16” Lightweight A-1 Profile
  • Barrel Twist: 1x9
  • Gas Block: DSC Steel Low Profile
  • Handguard: Samson Evolution 9”
  • Upper Receiver: Mil Spec Flattop with M4 Feedramps
  • Standard Trigger Group
  • Pistol Grip: A2
  • Buttstock: Ace AR-UL-E Ultralight
  • Rear Sight: Magpul MBUS
  • Other Features: Magpul MBUS Front Sight

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