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Muzzleloader Treestand Accessories (Video)


Many deer hunters overburden themselves with clutter! They fill backpacks and vest pockets with a broad array of gear, and then they can’t locate what they want when they want it in a hurried situation.

I take the opposite approach. I keep my accessories to a minimum, and this is especially true during muzzleloader season. When I go to the stand, I “go light” with a small wool zippered pouch that holds all the accessories I need. This pouch fits conveniently in a front vest pocket, and I know where to go when I need to reload quickly following a shot. Here’s what I carry in my pouch:

  • Three pre-loaded speed loaders. I’ve never fired more than two rounds from my muzzleloader during any single hunt.
  • Capper with approximately a dozen percussion caps.
  • A can of #11 percussion caps. This is a backup supply of caps in case I drop my capper when capping my muzzleloader. I keep a cloth cleaning patch in my percussion cap can to keep the caps from rattling.
  • Short starter for starting bullet down the muzzle.
  • Multi-tool pliers for removing the cap from the nipple when leaving the stand.
  • Small light for putting a cap on my muzzleloader’s nipple in the dark.

This is all I need to load and fire my muzzleloader. My wool pouch weighs less than a pound. The material is quiet. I spray it on the outside with scent eliminator to get rid of any noxious odors.

Overall, using this system keeps my muzzleloader accessories organized, light and convenient. And sometimes it’s the little things like this that can make the difference between success and failure in the deer woods.

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