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Crimson Trace's Defender Series


From Down Range TV

Wilsonville, Ore. -- In an effort to help consumers equip their concealed carry and self-defense handguns with affordable laser lighting systems, Crimson Trace’s DEFENDER SERIES™ line of red laser sights is helping gun owners gear up.

The innovative DEFENDER SERIES laser sights are designed to fit numerous revolvers along with several semi-auto pistols. All DEFENDER SERIES products are engineered and assembled with quality components at the company’s Wilsonville, Oregon facilility. The suggested retail prices prices range from $129 to $149. DEFENDER SERIES products fall into two categories: the Accu-Grips™ platform (replacement grips) for the Smith & Wesson J-Frame and Taurus M85 revolvers and the Accu-Guard™ platform that fits over the trigger guard on handguns such as the Ruger’s LCP, Glocks and Springfield’s XD and XDM pistols. No gunsmithing is required to install any of these products.

DEFENDER SERIES™ laser sights feature Beam Lock Technology™ that permits precise windage and elevation adjustments for zeroing the sight to the chosen ammunition. These sights also utilize the N-Gage™ activation system that ergonomically and intuitively provides the user a method to easily activate the laser. Thanks to the batteries and cutting-edge technology, each laser in this series provides approximately two hours of continuous use and has a five-year shelf life.

The DEFENDER SERIES helps ensure consistent, dead-on accuracy regardless the size of the gun or its sight radius. This allows novice shooters to confidently hit their target under difficult low-light conditions. All Crimson Trace products are supported by an industry-leading customer service that’s available 24/7-and these products are backed by a one-year limited warranty. Visit: www.defenderseries.com or www.crimsontrace.com for more details or to find a dealer near you.

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