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10 Delicious Deer Recipes

OutdoorChannel.com rounded up ten delicious, mouth-watering deer recipes for you this hunting season. From Albondigas Soup to Swedish Meatballs, you'll never run out of recipes for your venison again.

1. Albondigas Soup

Jim Zumbo's tasty soup creation using ground venison. Click here for recipe.

2. Buck Commander's Deer Stew

This take on venison stew won't disappoint on a chilly night at deer camp. Seasoned with ample bacon, how could it go wrong? Learn the Buck Commander's secret to good stew. Click here for recipe.

3. Texas Tacos For Two

This Camo Gourmet taco recipe from Tommy LeVasseur adds a new dimension to tacos - feta cheese! Click here for recipe.

4. Venison Pot Roast

A twist on an old classic - Pot Roast made with Venison. Click here for recipe.

5. Venison Stir Fry

Venison meat sliced, marinated, cooked with freshly-sliced veggies, and served over homemade sriracha-flavored noodles. We're not talking about an ordinary stir fry here. Click here for recipe.

6. Venison Crock Pot Lasagna

This delicious crock pot venison lasagna will be one of your family's favorites. Click here for recipe.

7. Venison Roast in Dutch Oven

This deer recipe is perfect for camping. You may use any size of venison roast that you wish, just make certain to remove the silvering around it. This makes the meat taste wild. Click here for recipe.

8. Homemade Venison Brats

Make a large base recipe and divide it up to make many different varieties at once. Your friends and family will be begging you to do this. Seriously. Click here for recipe.

9. Venison Lancashire Hotpot

The hotpot is often served at parties and in pubs in Great Britain. Why? Because it's yummy and easy to make. The dish is classic meat and potatoes food fare, something we Americans can certainly appreciate. Click here for recipe.

10. Swedish Meatballs

Shemane Nugent shares one of her tightly guarded recipe secrets with you. Her famous Swedish Meatballs! Click here for recipe.

What's your favorite way to prepare and enjoy venison? Tell us below!

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