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Nicole's Rock Beats Pat's Ram

Driven's Reeves maintain hectic schedule with worldwide travels

Pat and Nicole Reeve (Mike Suchan photo) Pat and Nicole Reeve (Mike Suchan photo)

By: Mike Suchan,

Pat Reeve missed on registering his wedding present, but he figures he’s due another shot.

The hosts of Driven with Pat and Nicole were discussing their fall hunts when the playful banter of who got the best end of their 2012 wedding came up. She presented him an awesome surprise gift of a bighorn sheep hunt.

“Sheep hunting has always been a dream of his,” Nicole said. “I thought, we're not getting any younger, and we've always talked about going.”

Nicole worked with a good friend, the brother in law of an outfitter outside Banff, Alberta, to plan all the details.

Nicole holds up the Reeves' recently released book, 'Trophy Whitetails.' (Courtesy Driven)

Nicole holds up the Reeves' recently released book, 'Trophy Whitetails.' (Courtesy Driven)

“I got it all set up,” she said. “I always tease and kid everybody because I said I got him a sheep hunt for a wedding present; he got me zip, zilch, zero.”

Pat points to her left hand ring finger and vehemently disagrees.

“She's wearing it on her finger,” he said. “She's got two sheep hunts on her finger. Not just one, two of them. I figure I've got another sheep hunt coming, after just hunting once. Then we'll be even.”

Pat might have felt better about ram beating rock if he hadn’t missed. He killed a black wolf on the trip before they headed for the mountains of Alberta. He loved the experience and got in a shot at a big sheep, which would have been the largest taken with the outfitter in his 30 years guiding.

“I missed the sheep of a lifetime. I shot over its back at 620 yards,” he lamented.

“It was an unbelievable trip though,” Nicole said. “We literally lived in the mountains for about a month straight. No showers, living out in a tent. I loved it. I loved every second of it.”

The hunt will appear on the new season of Driven, which began Tuesday night. While their early season hunts from Kansas and Kentucky were airing, the Reeves were hunting in New Zealand, where each has already scored a red stag. They also have their eyes set on heading up into the mountains for tahr.

Before the trip, they released their book, “Trophy Whitetails With Pat and Nicole Reeve: Tips and Tactics from the Driven Team.” Copies are available on their web site store.

And the schedule remains full when they return.

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Driven with Pat and Nicole

“When we come back, we have a Canada black bear hunt planned,” Pat said, “and we'll also be doing something else like a muskox or a brown bear. That will take us through spring.”

Plans are in the works to webcast their Canada black bear hunt live on The Reeves say they don’t have a real off season, what with their hunts and producing shows and all the recent appearances at an array of trade shows.

“It's a full-time job, plus we have four children,” Pat said. “They are in every sports and everything else. It's a juggling act with the schedules. It gets to be a pretty hectic lifestyle.

“We have good support that keeps us on the road, and they go with us a lot. My daughter shot her first elk this year in New Mexico. She's 17, and that was fun. That will be on this year's episodes. My son, Carson, shot his first whitetail with a bow and arrow, and he's only 10 years old. Those were probably highlights of our hunting last fall, and we had so much fun.”

There was an ugly moment when Nicole was targeted by anti-hunters after posting her lion kill on Driven’s Facebook page. She received death threats, which have become a prevalent tactic against the hunters.

“Being in the industry and being a female hunter, and hunting those types of animals, you're going to have that,” Nicole said. “Unfortunately, it's part of hunting. But you know what? We love hunting, we love this sport. The hunting heritage is something that's been in our lives forever.”

“She got dragged into it a little bit,” Pat said. “We got a lot of Facebook activity that people were threatening our lives and stuff like that, but you're going to have that nowadays in this crazy world. We just disregard it, obviously ban them from Facebook. I don't like the death threats.

“In actuality, I don't brag on my wife a lot, but this woman loves to hunt. She's not just beautiful, but she grew up hunting and is the real deal.”

Nicole said she had a great time on that lion hunt, and that the life-size mount is striking. She said it’s temporarily located in a somewhat surprising locale, in a newer subdivision of Victorian homes.

“It's in my parents' house right now because we can't fit it in ours,” Pat said. “It turned out gorgeous. It’s in their foyer and when people come by, they open the door and about flip out. They're like, ‘Whoa, we didn't expect to see that.’”

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