Unexplored: Chasing Game in Uncharted Territory on The Revolution with Jim & Trav | Outdoor Channel
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Unexplored: Chasing Game in Uncharted Territory on The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Featured Guests: Steve West, Mike Schoby, Remington

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Are you ready to abandon civilization and modern conveniences?  Do you have the skills and fortitude to prevail in a remote wilderness setting?  Well, if so, listen along with us today as The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel,  Sportsman ChannelWorld Fishing Network, goes off the grid in unexplored lands by chasing game in uncharted territory.  The U.S. offers endless hunting opportunities across the country, but some of the best hunting grounds go untouched because they're difficult and sometimes impossible to reach, for most.  Now get ready for an epic listening experience as we explore the most remote corners of the U.S., all the while searching for wild adventure and plentiful game.

Adventure means different things to different people, but to Steve West it means intentionally seeking out the most remote and isolated places on earth, pursuing the game that inhabits those territories, and filming it all for viewers to see. Steve is the host of The Adventure Series on Outdoor Channel and it was his goal to redefine the meaning of ‘reality television’ and show true adventure hunting to viewers, to share his experiences and to inspire those watching. This week he joins Jim and Trav and discusses what draws him to some of the most desolate corners of the globe. Steve says he doesn’t always find game in all of his travels, however it’s not always about the game but rather the experience and the spiritual connection you find with the great outdoors as you explore a destination way off the map. An adventure like that also gives a person the opportunity to do a lot of self-discovery, to see if they have the internal drive and the ability to disconnect from regular life and step into the wilderness without hesitation. Steve says that when traveling to these destinations there are certain risks that are inherent, however he outlines some of the precautions and gear that he takes in order to come back safe from a trip into the wild unknown. Sometimes unplugging and taking a trip into the wilderness is the best way to recharge. If you are an adrenaline junky and adventurer, you can live vicariously through Steve West. Don’t miss him this week on The Revolution.

Hunting remote and unexplored territory is often associated with hunting abroad, but Mike Schoby begs to differ. The week Mike Schoby, editor of Petersen’s HUNTING magazine and the host of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures on Sportsman Channel joins Jim and Trav to explore the endless opportunities that North America has to offer adventure seekers. Mike says that many people tend to forget that much of the United States is accessible public land and especially when you head out west to Colorado and beyond. Millions of acres of public land, wilderness areas and plentiful wild game are available to those who are willing to venture out of their comfort zones and seek it out. Mike believes the vast majority of hunters tend to stay within a mile of the road and avoid heading out further because they are unsure of themselves and their skill set should they come across something unexpected in the back woods. However, he believes there has to be a balance and says that hiking too far in on foot could mean risking meat spoilage if you can’t pack it out in time. It’s all about knowing the game you are pursuing, the terrain and the time of year to determine what is appropriate. He’ll also address the occasional anxiety and regret hunters feel when they get into a situation that is less than ideal. Mike talks about the time he and his wife met an aggressive grizzly face to face in Montana, tune in to find out how that adventure ended.

John Fink is the Director of Firearms and Product Management for Remington and he phones in to hit up all things rifles and to lend his expertise and knowledge towards which Remington models will best perform in inclement, poor conditions. John first directs his attention to Remington's Model 700 that's been proudly made in the USA for more than 50 years and is the number one bolt-action rifle of all time. Specifically, he touches on the Model 700 Mountain SS which is based on Remington's cylindrical "three rings of steel" action. Unlike cast actions that permeate the market place, the Remington receiver is machined from a solid steel billet. Then, John talks about the Remington Model Seven which is a short action, carbine length version of the best-selling Model 700, and last, but not least, John will conclude with a detailed, honest review of the all-new and exciting Model 783 that consistently delivers phenomenal results, plus it’s easy on the eyes and wallet. John, who is the epitome of a die-hard backwoods hunter, has spent more time in remote hunting camps, chasing big and dangerous game, than most. This in-depth rifle review, with John Fink, is one interview that you won't want to miss.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 5/12/2016

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