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On Safari: Hunting the Dark Continent

Featured Guests: Razor Dobbs, Dave Fulson, Terry Drury

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Africa is a dream destination in every sense for both hunters and adventure seekers. It's home to unforgettable wildlife and extraordinary scenic beauty that conjures romantic images of endless acacia-dappled plains and golden savannas that are teeming with excitement and throngs of danger. This week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, we're going "On Safari: Hunting the Dark Continent." We’ll explore every huntable opportunity that Africa has to offer, plus we'll discuss how to choose a reputable outfitter, capable calibers to take and we'll carefully consider and weigh, whether or not, the cost and risk is worth the reward. Tackling these issues will be the host of Razor Dobbs Alive on Sportsman Channel, Razor Dobbs, Dave Fulson from DSC Tracks Across Africa on Outdoor Channel and Hornady’s Dark and Dangerous on Sportsman Channel, plus our very own Mrs. Bunny. Then we'll switch gears and be joined by legendary whitetail hunter and conservationist Terry Drury of Drury's THIRTEENDream Season: The Journey and Bow Madness, all seen on Outdoor Channel, to dish the hot and heavy on trail cameras, food plots, selective management, family values and what ultimately landed him and his brother Mark in the outdoor spotlight. Don't miss this week's one of a kind broadcast.

Razor Dobbs is a passionate hunter and the host of Razor Dobbs Alive on Sportsman Channel. This enthusiastic outdoorsman takes adventure hunting to the next level, pushing the boundaries and at times putting his life on the line and with that, defining what it means to truly be Razor Dobbs “Alive”. Tune in this week as Razor recounts his brush with death in Zimbabwe. Hunting in Africa comes with its own set of risks and Razor experienced that first hand while tracking elephants on a conservancy in 2003. While tracking elephants in Zimbabwe, Razor and his crew entered a Mopani thicket only to be surprised by an elephant standing 80 yards away. Razor will detail what happened when the elephant charged, how they determined it wasn’t a bluff and ultimately how they stopped the elephant, just in time to save their own lives. Not many people can say they’ve witnessed the full power of earth’s largest animal – and survived.  Tune in for this thrilling interview with the one and only Razor Dobbs.

Dave Fulson’s passion for the outdoors and hunting have taken him all over the world. He has hunted on four continents and has taken more than 75 species of big game, however the bulk of his professional career has been focused in Africa. His knowledge of hunting abroad is extensive as he spends a lot of the safari season on location in Africa filming, hunting, and working with the outfitters Safari Classics represents. This week Dave joins Jim and Trav and offers his advice on how to select a reputable guide and outfitter from half a world away. Dave says that ideally, you should meet the outfitter, guide or professional hunter you will be working with and recommends going to shows like the Dallas Safari Club show as an opportunity to vet different outfitters. He also stresses how important it is to seek out references from others who have hunted with an outfitter recently and ask them about their experiences. Finally, he’ll explain the importance of having an insurance policy when you travel anywhere internationally so that you have protection in the event that something unfortunate happens. If you plan on hunting internationally be sure to tune in for some sound advice. Check out Dave Fulson with DSC Tracks Across Africa on Outdoor Channel and Hornady’s Dark and Dangerous on Sportsman Channel.

In the outdoor industry the name “Drury” is synonymous with monster bucks. Brothers Terry and Mark Drury developed Drury Outdoors in 1989 and have been working ever since to document their love of the sport and share it with viewers. Consistently harvesting trophy deer doesn’t happen by accident, land management and herd management are necessary to lay the foundation for success. Tune in this week as Terry Drury talks about different tools for promoting a healthy herd population. He’ll begin by discussing trail cameras. Terry says that for the Drury’s, trail cameras aren’t just a seasonal tool, they run them year round simply changing the batteries and cards, and never take them off the tree. Terry says just recently he took down a few cameras that have been hanging in the same place for more than 9 years, and attests to the brand’s quality and dependability. Moving forward, Terry explains their criteria for determining a shooter buck. “Age is first and foremost,” which Terry says can be difficult to achieve, however if you and neighboring property owners are on the same page when it comes to management he says the results are nothing short of impressive 6, 7 and even 8 year-old bucks. While the bucks may get all the attention, Terry stresses the importance of practicing doe management as well. He’ll explain how doe management, the weaning process and “button buck dispersal” can affect the number of bucks in your area. He’ll cap it all off with a look at food plots and the strategies they use to make sure they have forage for deer year round. Don’t miss great tips from an industry pro, catch it all on The Revolution this week! Get your fill of the Drury’s each week by watching Drury's THIRTEEN, Dream Season: The Journey and Bow Madness all on Outdoor Channel.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 8/11/2016

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