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Venison Pot Roast Recipe: Served Up Crushville Style

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky have a couple of popular recipes they like to leave cooking while they're out hunting, because there are few better smells to walk into than the aroma of a succulent pot roast from an elk, a mule deer or a whitetail slow cooking it's way to culinary perfection

Want to have a delicious meal waiting for you after a long day on a deer stand? Then give Tiffany Lakosky Want to have a delicious meal waiting for you after a long day on a deer stand? Then give Tiffany Lakosky's crock pot venison roast recipe a try. (Photo courtesy of Tiffany Lakosky)

By: Lynn Burkhead,

There aren't many things that smell better to a hunter's nose than the delicious aroma of venison slowly cooking for several hours, especially when that aroma greets you as you open the front door and walk into the house on a cool fall evening.

When you hunt whitetail, elk, mule deer and other big game animals as often as Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, hosts of Crush with Lee & Tiffany on Outdoor Channel, do each fall, then there is ample opportunity to be greeted by such amazing smells coming from the Crushville kitchen.

This leads us to the purpose of this written tale, the chance to share one of Tiffany's favorite recipes.

"One of my fall favorites is elk roast in a crock pot," said Tiffany. "(But) you can also use (any) venison."

So be it a pot roast from an elk or a deer, how do you go about preparing and cooking that cut of meat, doing so in Crushville style?

"I brown the elk, then put it in the crock pot with carrots, celery, potatoes and beef broth," said Tiffany. "Then I let it cook for several hours, or even overnight, on low power."

How good is this meal of wild wapiti when it's all done?

"It's perfect for a (meal after a) long day on stand," she said, a fact that will come in handy over a long season of whitetail hunting while they film episodes for their show.

For a slightly different version of Tiffany's slow cooked elk pot roast recipe, I turned to a recipe from the Crush Kitchen with the ingredients and the method of cooking found on the couple's website (

How do you fix this version of an elk roast? Well, the recipe says to start with a roast weighing approximately three pounds. Then assemble two envelopes of dry onion soup mix, four cubes of beef bouillon and one cup of water.

Next, put all of this into a crock pot and slowly cook it on the low heat setting for eight hours.

"I do it overnight, then after I pull it, I refrigerate it," says Tiffany on the couple's website.

Next, when she is ready to serve, Tiffany will heat the meat up, pull it apart with a couple of forks, then pile the meat up high onto buns and serve with a variety of options tailor made for dressing up the sandwich.

"Toppings can include sliced onions, horseradish, hot sauce, jalapenos, etc.," said Tiffany. "Enjoy!"

Enjoy indeed, especially since it's a couple of wild meat meals that seem to be fit for serving up to a hungry king and queen.

Or better yet in this case, the mayor and the first lady from the Iowa town of Crushville.

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