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Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, twelve outdoor features.

By: OutdoorChannel.com

The Twelve Days of Christmas has been parodied by the likes of the Muppets, Jeff Foxworthy and even SCTV’s Bob and Doug McKenzie.

Remember them?

Four pounds of back bacon, three French toast, two turtlenecks … and a beer in a tree.

Apologies to the original anonymous author(s) of the Christmas carol first published in England in 1780, and anybody else. Although the 12 days actually start on Christmas Day and end on the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan. 6), for our purposes we’ve counted down to Christmas Day in a look back at the year.

Here are the Twelve Days of Christmas, OutdoorChannel.com style.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, twelve outdoor features.

Kodiak man works to keep viewing safe for bears, humans on Island Of The Big Grizzlies

If you build brushpiles the right way, they will come. Crappie On Call

Hurricanes, BP oil spill take affects on saltwater fishing’s ‘Promised Land.’ Marsh Sadness

Indiana journalist Don Mulligan records fishing/hunting trek in The Last Frontier in photos. Outdoors Across Alaska

Pro angler Paul Elias explains how he helped create a Major League stir. The A-Rig Controversy

Violent strikes from colorful fish can only be found in small corner of U.S. Urban Fishing For Peacocks

Grizzly mauling alters life of hunter who created a successful spray that can save others from his experience. Attack Fuels Anti-Attack

Country music star Craig Morgan celebrates freedom all year long. Every Day is Fourth of July

James Brion of Nosler's Magnum TV goes on a ram hunt in Northwest Territories that's a feast for the senses. Expedition Redstone

Jim Shockey sees son shine on trip to Nepal while Branlin places more pieces of puzzle that is his father. Himalaya High For Shockeys

Cold-weather animals are in decline as temperatures have warmed. Where Are The Moose?

Taxidermy convention brings out the best in the world of Unreal Wildlife

On the eleventh day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, eleven bass fishing winners.

Chris Lane wins the Classic by more than 3 pounds, fending off hard-charging Greg Vinson. Chris Lane Claims Classic

Alabama’s Boyd Duckett snaps up win on Oneida, lands elusive Classic Duckett Rallies On Oneida

Kansas’ Brent Chapman wraps up Bassmaster Angler of the Year title. Chapman Achieves Life Goal

Jonathon VanDam claims first Elite title at Green Bay Challenge. New Champ In Titletown

Todd Faircloth wins his third Elite Series crown, turns focus toward AOY title. Faircloth Rumbles On River

Brent Chapman wins on Toledo Bend for first victory on Bassmasters’ top series. Chapman Gains Elite Status

Deep-cranking technique lands Jeremy Starks comeback win on Douglas Lake. Starks Long-Lines Victory

KVD sticks it to field, cameraman in winning MLF Challenge Cup on Lake Amistad. MLF Challenge Cup Wounds

Brandon Palaniuk wins TroKar Quest after missing time to get hook removed. Hooking His First Elite Title

Ish Monroe tops 100 pounds in winning Elite event on Lake Okeechobee. Ish Goes Large In Win

Alton Jones holds off Faircloth for victory at St. Johns. Jones Wins on St. Johns

On the tenth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, ten fish a leaping.

English tourist catches 12-foot white sturgeon on Fraser River. Reeling In A Dinosaur

A Michigan angler catches 58-pound Great Lakes muskellunge, breaks state record. Making Muskie Mark

California angler lands 421-pound tuna that could top IGFA world mark. Yellowfin Record Could Fall

Freshwater striper that could earn angler life-changing payday caught in certification limbo. A $1.1 Million Fish Story

Mystique crew reels in 683.8-pound swordfish off Marathon, Fla. Huge Swordfish Landed

New Zealand’s Nathan Adams caught the fish of a lifetime during big week. Pacific Bluefin Largest Ever

Buffalo businessman comes inches from being speared by 1,100-pound marlin. Rich Gets His Grander

Jacob Friend likes sporting challenges and, with a taste of a record fish, might just go after more. Catch It Twice

Slow trolling live baits can connect anglers with feisty Kings. Just The Thing For A King

See images of potential world record fish sent to the IGFA for consideration. IGFA Hot Catches

On the ninth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, nine ladies hunting.

Outdoor Channel has a number of women who show each week that they can hunt. For images of them after a successful day, click Nine Ladies Hunting

On the eighth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, eight blogs on hunting.

How much hunting pressure is enough to change deer patterns? That depends. Science of Hunting Pressure

There are certain values that should come with releasing a round. To Shoot Or Let Walk

Understanding the reasons behind whitetail activity has hunting implications. Science Behind Deer Activity

After hitting three deer, woman starts campaign to have deer crossing signs moved to safer spots. Move Deer Crossings. Really?

What’s in an antler? Whitetail headgear influenced by myriad factors. The Science of Antlers

Sitting on deer stand offers unique experience, a real connection to the world. Out From Behind the Glass

Studies reveal visual perceptions of deer, their strengths and weaknesses. Science Of Deer Vision

Every hunter has that one memory that filters back every season. The Experience

On the seventh day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, seven sharks a-swimming.

With heavy winds blowing the entire time, the first two days of the 2012 Madfin Shark Tournament offered challenging fishing conditions. So when the event ended in a tie, both teams qualifying for the one-day fish-off felt they’d catch considerably more sharks in better weather. Madfin Final A Blowout

On the sixth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, six bucks a-laying.

Live2Hunt host Cody Robbin was obsessed with mule deer that could have been a Pope and Young word record. Cody Robbin’s Massive Mulie

Roger Raglin didn’t have a dilemma when two huge bucks walked into his sights; he simply chose the closest one. Matthews Muzzy Kawallop

Don Pickell wasn't certain he had done the right thing when he passed on a large young buck last season. Now he is sure he made the correct choice. Harvesting A Heart Stopper

Don Mulligan shows that a hunt for a suburbia trophy can provide frustration, but it can end in creating a real sense of accomplishment. Patience, Strategy And Luck

Teams of B&C scorers determine the King Buck is non-typical, and therefore not a world record. Third Tine Not A Charm

An Ohio trophy ranking high in Outdoor Channel’s National Deer Contest was “12 years in the making.” Managing Buck Of A Lifetime

On the fifth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, five gold rings.

Skeet shooter Kim Rhode made history in London when she became the first U.S. athlete to win a medal in an individual sport in five consecutive Olympic Games. OK, they weren’t all golds, but the feat was unprecedented. Rhode Goes Five For Five

On the fourth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, four rams a butting.

Steve Price follows the path of Osborne Russell, author of mid-1800s book Journal of a Trapper, to find the "thousands of mountain sheep” in the Rockies have dwindled. Osborne Russell’s Rock

On the third day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, three duck hunts.

If it weren't for the heat, you'd think this was Thanksgiving weekend in Stuttgart, Ark., site of the annual "Wings Over the Prairie Festival." That party signals the opening week of duck season in the "mallard capital of the world." But this was September in southwest Louisiana. Blue-Winged Teal Bonanza

The Louisiana Marsh comes with a reputation — coon asses and Zydeco mixed together, but it's the lush green and golden expanses of marsh grass and cane surrounded by tons of water that draws so many sportsmen to this paradise for hunting and fishing. The Duck Stops Here

Snow beat a steady rhythm on the back of Rodney Rexwinkle's neck. It was what you would expect in Colorado, but there were also some things you might not expect. Shooting Stereotypes

On the second day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, two bear hunts.

Steve West was fortunate to glass a huge bear soon after setting up in coastal British Columbia. From a boat, they closed to a root wad 50 yards away. A bad primer nearly spoiled the hunt but West came away with the record muzzleloader grizzly. Weekend at Bearys.

Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice says it isn’t like this in flat Illinois as she climbs out of a creek up a steep hill on Vancouver Island off British Columbia. She’s stalking bear with guides from Trophy West. See how the bear stares down Mrs. Cianciarulo, who didn’t flinch. One Shot Wonder.

On the first day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, a cartridge fired rapidly.

Start your holidays off with a bang. A lot of them. History’s greatest weapons from two different eras battle it out for supremacy in MidwayUSA’s Rapid Fire. Hosts Iain Harrison and Mike Seeklander light up the night with 30 high-octane minutes that feature the best of automatic weaponry, military hardware, and the fascinating stories behind the world's most popular rapid-firing weapons. Check out the action on MidwayUSA’s Rapid Fire.

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