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Winter Gear Made from Recycled Soda Bottles

By: Emilie Le Beau, McClatchy-Tribune

(MCT) - Many adults remember refusing to wear a hat on cold days during middle school. It was preferable to freeze at the bus stop and be cool than wear a hat in public.

Times have changed and most adults are happy to bundle up in scarves, gloves and hats. Especially when skiing, snowshoeing or enjoying a walk through the woods. And there is winter apparel that provides both warmth and a cool factor.

The EcoRaggs collection from Jacob Ash is a line of winter apparel partially made with recycled soda bottles. At least 50 percent of the outer shell is made from plastic soda bottles and each item contains about 1.5 recycled beverage bottles.

The wool is specially spun and the fabric is slightly scoured so it is more effective at repelling moisture and wind. It is meant to be warm, soft and lightweight.

The collection includes mittens that convert to fingerless gloves; gloves; scarf; beanie hat; and a Jeep Cap with a cap like brim. The head garments each contain a liner to prevent itching and irritation.

Available at REI Stores or, most of the items are only available in an oatmeal color. The scarf and hats are primarily one-size fits all while the gloves offer two sizes. Prices range from $12 for a beanie to $22 for the fingerless gloves.

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