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    Wicked Tuna

    Go Fish! (2013)

    For Kevin Leonowert, captain of the Christina, there's nothing better than the rush of harpooning. But not everyone on the water agrees with this method.

  • AM

    Duck Dynasty

    Mo Math, Mo Problems (2014)

    Willie helps Sadie with her homework by enlisting the guys to create a real-life version of a math problem, but when Jase and Willie get sidetracked helping Sadie, they rekindle an old argument of whether Jase can outrun a truck.

  • :30 AM

    Duck Dynasty

    Friday Afternoon Lights (2014)

    When Willie becomes an assistant coach on Lil' Will's struggling football team, his authority is tested when the kids challenge the adults to a scrimmage. Meanwhile, Kay brings Jep and Si to an aquarobics class at a local health club.

  • AM

    Major League Fishing

    2018 Challenge Cup Sudden Death Round 2 (2018)

    Nine anglers compete to advance to the Championship in the 2018 Challenge Cup. From Vidalia, Louisiana.

  • AM

    Major League Fishing's All Angles

    Stress Sandwich (2018)

    Learn how the pros played the game, on Day 5 (Sudden Death) of the 2018 Challenge Cup . Featuring exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content. From Vidalia, LA/Natchez, MS

  • :30 AM

    The Journey

    Wyoming Pronghorn (2018)

    Dave surprises firefighter and school volunteer, Mark Long with his dream hunt. Wyoming pronghorn with a bow.

  • AM

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV

    Steve's Return (2018)

    Steve West returns to Alaska in pursuit of North America's largest species of moose on an epic adventure that carries over two seasons in one of Alaska's most remote destinations.

  • :30 AM

    Roger Raglin Outdoors

    That's a Big Day (2018)

    Roger takes his grandson, Braxton on his first deer hunt.

  • AM

    True Magnum TV

    Close Encounters (2018)

    Rob Dunhams's client has a close encounter with a cape buffalo. James Brion finds a forest puma while in the jungles of Campeche, Mexico.

  • :30 AM

    Beyond the Hunt

    Medicine Hat Muleys (2018)

    Rick jet boats up the Saskatchewan River in search of big Alberta mule deer with his PSE bow.

  • AM

    Hunt Masters

    Generations of Joy (2018)

    With the end of Whitetail season quickly approaching, Gregg Ritz has a family Christmas at the Hunt Masters Cabin. Meanwhile, all three of his daughters are hoping for the best food plot to hunt over.

  • :30 AM

    RMEF Team Elk

    Decisions (2018)

    Team Elk Host Brandon Bates hunts Colorado in search of a well-aged bull.

  • AM

    Archer's Choice with Ralph & Vicki

    Bugling Utah Bull Monarchs – Part 2 (2018)

    Part 2 - Ralph and Vicki head back with Kearl Ranch Outfitters in Utah, where Elvis is waiting for his little buddy. The elk are just getting fired up and between water hole strategies, early season bugling and running and gunning.

  • :30 AM

    Red Arrow

    Whitetail Heaven (2018)

    Kip heads to Kentucky's, Whitetail Heaven because well … it's a whitetail heaven! A weekend hunt is all it takes for Kip to fill his tag!

  • AM

    Bow Madness

    Late Season Push (2018)

    Every hunter wants to extend their season as long as possible. Brandon Jennings, along with Adam Anderson and Blake Shelby, show how it is possible to find hunts late into the season.

  • :30 AM

    Beyond the Hunt

    Medicine Hat Muleys (2018)

    Rick jet boats up the Saskatchewan River in search of big Alberta mule deer with his PSE bow.

  • AM

    Addicted to the Outdoors

    The Texas Struggle (2018)

    Jon heads down to South Texas with Darren Jones of SilencerCo. Texas is known for good whitetail hunting, but it isn't always as easy as everyone thinks. Tune in to see the real struggle of late season hunts.

  • :30 AM

    ScentBlocker Most Wanted

    Up North for Ursus (2018)

    Everyone is hunting for black bears in Ontario.

  • AM

    Realtree Road Trips

    Georgia Pig (2018)

    Michael Waddell and Tyler Jordan share hunting camp at the famed Hog Island in Savannah, Ga for the very first time. Hogs Beware!

  • :30 AM

    The Jackie Bushman Show

    SMC (2018)

    Gamo holds its annual squirrel hunt in Alabama as teams compete to become the Gamo Squirrel Master Classic champion.

  • PM

    Federal Premium Ammunition's Grateful Nation

    SSG Doug Wenzel & SGM Shane Briel (2018)

    Two battle-tested warriors are tested physically and mentally, as they search for the mule deer of their dreams, at the Field of Dreams in Montana.

  • :30 PM

    The One

    Gray Ghost (2017)

    Mike Stroff is in search of a much needed Texas lease for their outfitting and filming business. The task of finding a ranch proves to be way more than Mike was anticipating it to be.

  • PM


    New Mexico Elk Rut (2018)

    Hunting Elk during the rut at the Mescalero

  • :30 PM

    L.L.Bean Guide to the Outdoors

    A Grizzly Task (2018)

    Grizzly Bears? Who would have thought? Not Bill after his first trip. But trip two may surprise us all!

  • PM

    Alaska Outdoors Television

    Alaska Deer 2 (2018)

    Alaska Outdoors TV embarks on a week long deer hunting adventure to Kodiak Island.

  • :30 PM

    Dirt Trax Television

    MY19 New Model Intro Part Two (2018)

    Checking out a new model from Can-Am. Argo introduces their 2019 line of XTV's and ATV's. TEST RIDE: Polaris RS1.

  • PM

    Shooting USA

    Bushnell Precision Rifle (2018)

    This time, the Pros help the Amateurs take on the challenges of Precision Rifle Shooting at the GAP Grind. Then the CMP Goes West to the Desert for their Western Games. Savage introduces two new rifles chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor.

  • PM

    American Archer

    Tips and Tricks (2018)

    Tom shares tips and tricks to help you become a better archer.

  • :30 PM

    Heartland Bowhunter

    Bent G2 (2018)

    Adversity is something that we commonly have to overcome as bowhunters, however this season provided more obstacles than normal for Shawn. Getting down to the wire late in the season, Shawn attempts to capitalize on cold weather and standing food.

  • PM

    Territories Wild with Tom Miranda presented by Mathews

    Tiny Targets (2018)

    Join adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda as he travels to the wilds of the Zambezi delta of Mozambique in pursuit of the tiny forest Suni and tough to hunt plains oribi. Miranda in his quest for Africa's tiny ten antelope.

  • :30 PM

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany

    We Love Whitetails (2018)

    As the cold temperatures enter Iowa Crush friends are heading out with the Traditions. Tiffany continues here search for the 'Big 9' with a bow.

  • PM

    Duck Dynasty

    Hands on a Woodchipper (2014)

    Willie sponsors a contest for Mountain Man's radio show, in which the last person with his hands on a wood chipper wins it.

  • :30 PM

    Duck Dynasty

    Search N' Decoy (2015)

    When Phil and Jase get into an argument about which type of duck decoy works best, Jase and the guys repaint old decoys, betting that Phil can't tell the difference. Meanwhile, Jessica challenges Willie to a bowling contest.

  • PM

    Primos TRUTH About Hunting

    Ducks, Bucks & Dogs (2018)

    January is when the Mississippi River Delta shines. Mornings in the duck blind, with buddies and your best four-legged friends followed by afternoons up in a tree … life does not get any better!

  • :30 PM

    Inside Outdoors TV

    The Velvet Droptine (2018)

    Tim goes back to Kentucky to hunt bucks in velvet and gets a birthday surprise!

  • Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits 8 PM to 12 AM

  • PM


    Greenlandic Caribou (2017)

    Bowhunter Publisher Jeff Waring's amazing Greenland adventure continues. This time Outfitter Frank Feldmann takes the team into the steep, rocky hills in search of reclusive Greenlandic caribou bulls.

  • :30 PM

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

    Big Easy Black Buck (2019)

    Ted returns to the Big Easy Ranch for a huge Black Buck ram.

  • PM

    Mossy Oak's Country Roots

    Oklahoma Late Archery Whitetail, Pt. 1

    A return to Oklahoma nets two big archery bucks and lots of close encounters for Rusty McDaniels and Joe White.

  • :30 PM

    Driven with Pat & Nicole

    Little Scary (2018)

    The Reeve family heads to Northern Saskatchewan for Isabel's first black bear hunt using her new Mission Crossbow. Little father daughter time and lots of close bear action.

  • PM

    Drury's THIRTEEN

    Grandest Finale of All - Phase 13 (2019)

    It's the Grand Finale, and Mark Drury's entertaining guests at his Iowa camp. Including country music superstar Dustin Lynch, and Chris Paradise from Mossy Oak. Plus, Terry Drury closes out the season in style on his Missouri Property.

  • :30 PM

    Critical Mass

    Critical Mass (2018)

    A look back at all of the great hunts seen throughout the first season of Critical Mass. Also, the competitor who has achieved Critical Mass will be revealed.

  • PM

    Under Wild Skies

    Hunting in Tuscany Castello di Bossi (2018)

    Tony Makris heads to Tuscany, Italy to hunt with Marco Bacchi of Castello di Bossi vineyards. Marco gives him a taste of Italian wingshooting, olive oils, and some of the finest wines in the world. Makris hunts pheasant, pigeon, and wild boar.

  • :30 PM

    Nick's Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman

    Colorado Grind (2018)

    Nick goes on his first public land elk hunt near the charming and historical town of Meeker, Colorado. The hunting is far from easy, but the people of the famous Ripple Creek Lodge make an experience of a lifetime.