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About the Show

Whether it's Clint Eastwood serving up his own brand of justice, or Brad Pitt fly-fishing off the rural banks of Montana, Outdoor Channel delivers all your favorite outdoor-themed movies every Friday night. When you want to escape, but can't travel further than your TV, saddle up for these classic tales of adventure, exploration and the great outdoors!

High Noon - Airs Friday, July 13th 8P ET and 10P ET

A marshal, personally compelled to face a returning deadly enemy, finds that his own town refuses to help him.

Will Penny - Airs Friday, July 20th 8P ET and 10:30P ET

A marshal, personally compelled to face a returning deadly enemy, finds that his own town refuses to help him.

Guns of the Magnificent Seven - Airs Friday, July 27th 8P ET and 10:30P ET

A Mexican revolutionary hires an American gunslinger to organize the rescue of their leader from a brutal army prison.

Winchester '73 - Airs Friday, August 3rd 8P ET and 10P ET

The journey of a prized rifle from one ill-fated owner to another parallels a cowboy's search for a murderous fugitive.

Bait Shop - Airs Friday, August 10th 8P ET and 10P ET; Friday, August 31st 8P ET and 10P ET;

The owner of a small town bait shop signs up for a fishing tournament in hopes of using the prize money to save his shop from foreclosure.

Lonesome Dove Parts 1 and 2 - Airs Friday, August 17th 8P ET and 10P ET

Two former Texas rangers decide to move cattle from the south to Montana, and the journey doesn't end without numerous casualties.

The Missouri Breaks - Airs Friday, August 24th 8P ET and 10:30P ET

Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson star in this rousing story of a Montana rancher who hires a professional killer to track down horse thieves.

Blazing Saddles - Airs Friday, September 7th 8P ET and 10P ET

To foil the town of Rock Ridge, crooked politician Hedley Lamarr convinces the Governor to appoint black railroad worker Bart as the new Sherriff.

3:10 To Yuma - Airs Friday, September 14th 8P ET

Small-time rancher Dan Evans is hired by the stagecoach line to put big-time captured outlaw leader Ben Wade on the 3:10 train to Yuma.

Hour of the Gun - Airs Friday, September 14th 10P ET

When the Clinton-gang thugs kill Marshal Wyatt Earp’s brother for revenge, the Marshal and his friend Doc Holliday chase down the killers together.

The Man from Snowy River - Airs Friday, September 28th 8P ET

On an Australian cattle ranch, a young man fights for his honor when he is caught in the middle of a land dispute and is accused of losing a prized horse.

The Sons of Katie Elder - Airs Friday, September 28th 10P ET

The Elder brothers return to Clearwater, Texas to attend to their mother’s funeral, win back their family’s ranch and avenge the murder of their father.

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