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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 1 - Leopard Charge - Fury in Motion

A wounded Leopard is by far the most aggressive member of Africa's Big Six. PH Mark Vallaro and his client Phil Widman will face the fury of a wounded leopard before the sun sets on his safari.

Episode 2 - Big Game of Lowveld

Phil Bird is on safari in Chifuti Safaris, Nuanetsi area. He will hunt buffalo, nyala, & kudu.

Episode 3 - Renz Behind the Lens - The Life of a professional Wildlife Cameraman

Professional Cameraman/Field Producer, Renz Palermo sheds some light on what it takes to be a top videographer on the Dark Continent.He shares some of the most amazing moments he has experienced in the bush over his long career.

Episode 4 - Beau Knows the Big Stuff pt 1

Beau Barnes returns to Zimbabwe for a once in a lifetime hunt for several of Africa's big game treasures. On his hit list: lion, leopard, plains game.

Episode 5 - Beau Knows the Big Stuff pt 2

We continue, Beau Barnes quest for the great cats in Zimbabwe.  Remaining on his hit list: lion & plains game.

Episode 6 - Professional Hunter - The Man

Professional Hunter Richie Schultz guieds us through what all it takes to be a Professional Hunter in Africa today. He shares some of his most memoriable moments & close calls from over the years.

Episode 7 - An African Safari Dream Come True

This week we join a father and son safari in Chifuti Safaris Nuanetsi area in pursute of cape buffalo & plains game.

Season: 2014

Episode 908 - Elephants Everywhere

Join us in Botswana on an epic hunt for bull elephant in the land of Botswana!

Episode 909 - Zambezi Valley

PH Ian Gibson guides his clients on a hunt for tuskless elephant and cape buffalo in Zimbabwe.

Episode 910 - Birthplace of Safari

PH Ian Gibson guides his clients on a hunt for tuskless elephant and cape buffalo in Zimbabwe.

Episode 911 - Big Lizards at Nuanetsi

Veteran hunter Zach Neher will match wits with a Nile crocodile of epic proportions in the mighty Zambezi!

Episode 912 - Leopard Charge

Tune in to see the nightmare of Africa's top professional hunters suddenly become reality! This leopard will not go down without a fight!

Episode 913 - Nuanetsi: A Paradise Built

Nuanetsi is truly the modern day Garden of Eden.  This show is dedicated to sharing this impossibly game rich paradise with our viewers.

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