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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 1

Sergio leopard hunt in Nuanetsi pt 1, Steve Hornady Cameroon pt 1, Craig Edwards TANZANIA w/Ivan pt 1-hippo

Episode 2

Craig Edwards TANZANIA w/Ivan pt 2 - buffalo & baiting, Sergio pt 2 - buffalo - in Nuanetsi, Steve Hornady Cameroon pt 2

Episode 3

Sergio pt 3 - conclude - gets leopard concludes hunt, Craig Edwards TANZ pt 3-  no action on baits so goes for a crocodile, Steve Hornady Pt 3 - gets his eland

Episode 4

Steve Hornady Conclusion-western cobb, Craig Edwards TANZ pt 4-sable concludes hunt no lion, Ffier ele in Zimbabwe w/ Chifuti

Episode 5

Start Neher in South Africa - white Rhino darting, Start Kleine Billy Croc in Zimbabwe, Start Harters Tanzania w/ Ivan for lion

Episode 6

Neher pt 2 - move to Nuanetsi in Zim & baiting for leopard, Harters Tanz w/ Ivan pt 2-buffalo and baiting, Kleine pt 2 Billy Buff in Zimbabwe

Episode 7

Neher Zim pt 3 -ele charge durring stalk, Harters Tanz pt 3 leopard feeds-cons mess, Kleine concludes w/ Carolines Buffalo in Zim

Episode 8

Harters get their lion in Tanz w/Ivan, Neher concludes his hunt in Zim w/ Len Taylor gets leopard, Jason Hornady starts Leopard hunt-Nuanetsi-PH Mark Vallaro

Episode 9

John Billheimer Nile croc - Rex Hoite - Chifuti Safaris - Zimbabwe, Jason Hornady leopard pt 2 - wounds the leopard, BEAU BARNS starts hunt in NAMIBIA for Plains gm - Roan

Episode 10

BEAU BARNS continues in NAMIBIA - HIPPO, Jason Hornady concludes - long follow up on leopard, Welker STARTS in Botswana w/ Ivan after elephant

Episode 11

Fulson ARRIVING/BAITING in Nuanetsi w/ Vallaro, Brian & Zack Corr - PH Keith Wall - Chifuti Safaris arrival & Plains gm, welker Botswana pt2 w/Ivan (mock charge & kudu fight)

Episode 12

Brian & Zack Corr - PH Keith Wall - Chifuti Safaris - Buffalo, Welker Botswana w/ Ivan (Dennis Kill),
Fulson Part 2

Episode 13

Brian & Zack Corr - PH Keith Wall - Zimbabwe - Elephant Bull, Welker Botswana conclusion (Brian Kill), Fulson Concludes Leopard in Nuanetsi

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