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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 114 - Safari Gun

Razor Dobbs hunts with his two favorite guns for whitetail, zebra and wildebeest.

Episode 115 - MPR Double Bucks

Razor Dobbs hunts whitetail with his 10mm auto handgun.

Episode 116 - Karma Eland

Razor Dobbs hunts huge eland antelope in Zimbabwe.

Episode 117 - The Big Fight At The YO

Razor Dobbs stalks fighting blackbuck antelope with his bow.

Episode 118 - Satan's Aoudad

Razor Dobbs hunts aoudad sheep form the high cliffs over Devil’s River.

Episode 119 - Safari

Razor Dobbs scores on a beautiful whitetail buck with his 10mm auto handgun.

Episode 120 - Bowhunting With My 10mm Auto

Razor Dobbs shoots the biggest whitetail of his life with a 10mm handgun.

Episode 121 - Phone Addiction

Razor Dobbs battles addiction while hunting whitetails.

Episode 122 - Redemption Dark Continent

Razor Dobbs hunts Cape buffalo in 125 degree temperatures.

Episode 123 - Trouble With Mars

Razor Dobbs hunts whitetails with bow and handgun at the BladeLands.

Episode 124 - No Bluff Too Tough

Razor Dobbs hunts huge whitetail from the high bluffs with his handgun.

Episode 125 - Lion Alive

 Razor Dobbs hunts lion in Zimbabwe.

Episode 126 - BladeLands AR Whitetails

Razor Dobbs hunts whitetail with bow and AR15 at the BladeLands.

Season: 2013

Warthog Bubye

Razor Dobbs comes alive after giant waterbuck, warthog and civet cat while hunting Zimbabwe’s legendary Bubye Conservancy.

West Texas Aoudad

Razor Dobbs hunts aoudad ram in the desert mountains of west Texas.

Mars Invasion

Razor Dobbs tries to bowhunt giant axis deer while taking care of the beast they call Mars.

Crocodile Rock

Razor Dobbs hunts the Lizard King in the dark rivers of Zimbabwe.

Serpent Whitetail

Razor Dobbs dodges snakes and alligators while hunting wild boar and whitetail in south Texas.

Super Natural

Razor Dobbs becomes obsessed with the super natural in the deserts of Texas while hunting bison.

Home Safari

Razor Dobbs and the infamous Mars go on a hilarious hunting safari at their home ranch in Texas.

Rattle Me Up

Razor Dobbs shakes it up by rattling in a huge whitetail buck.

No Denial

Razor Dobbs exposes some of the harsh realities of Mother Nature - and She can be a real witch.

My Big 10 Elk

Razor Dobbs hunts Elk and boar with the 10mm auto handgun.

Baja Your Antlers Off

Razor Dobbs hunts giant axis deer with his 10mm auto handgun then test his off-road baja skills through the rives and jumps of his Texas ranch.

Whitetail Wonderland

Razor Dobbs goes big on addax antelope and shoots the whitetail of his life all while pondering the possibility of growing a beard.

Jimmy Hogs


Phone Addiction

Razor Dobbs refuses intervention and drowns in the evils of electronic addiction - hopefully a whitetail buck can break the sickness.

Lion Alive

Razor Dobbs searches for the ultimate beast of the African thorn veldt - the African lion.

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