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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

The Adventure Begins

Dan Harrison guides father and son Randy and Baily King on a backcountry hunt in Colorado, where Baily – who grew up hunting whitetail – looks to take his first elk. We also join Doug Larsen and friends as they hunt geese and ducks in Manitoba, known as North America’s ‘duck factory’.

High Plains & Low Deltas

Eastern Colorado has become a hot spot for trophy whitetail and mule deer, and that is where Russell MacLennan guides Renee Buller and her father, Steve LeBlanc, for a trophy buck. Then we head south to Tallahatchie, Mississippi with co-host Doug Larsen and Remington’s Matt Ohlson and Ed Mazzeo for a wingshoot in flooded timber.

Stalking Late Season Wapiti

Remington Country co-host Dan Harrison spends most of his fall season guiding clients to trophy elk, but this week he gets to take a busman’s holiday as he hunts for late season wapiti in New Mexico.

Two Down in Texas

Russell MacLennan and old friend Dylan Wallace are in southeast Texas hunting on a private low-fence ranch for free range whitetail and aoudad. The heat, terrain, and wild game all test these two experienced hunters to their limit.

A Vertical Challenge

After working hard as a North American big game guide, Dan Harrison spends his ‘off-season’ in New Zealand hunting for trophy sika and tahr. It’s a kiwi paradise for those who love the outdoors as Dan soaks in the scenery while being challenged by the cagey game animals and the rugged landscapes.

Days of Drought

Hunting guide Russell MacLennan shows his can-do attitude by hunting in adverse conditions throughout the southwest in search of a trophy. Russell tries his hand at mule deer, whitetail, coyote, and free-range nilgai in this epic quest.


Dan Harrison mentored youth hunter Kendall Martin for years, and guided her on many big game hunts in Colorado. For Kendall’s high-school graduation present, Dan takes her on the adventure of a lifetime by hunting red stag in the unforgiving terrain of New Zealand.

Manitoba Up

It’s a northern adventure in spring, as Remington Country co-host Dan Harrison tries for black bear – and possibly wolf – in Manitoba. No bait and no stands, as this is strictly a spot-and-stalk black bear hunt.

South Island Dreams

Dan Harrison enjoys the fruits of the South Island of New Zealand as he hunts for the stag of a lifetime in stunning terrain.

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