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Episode Guide

Season: 2016

Episode 701 - Batting .1000

Tombo, Langy and Grant head to Nebraska for some early season whitetail in velvet.

Episode 702 - The Hunt for "Nine of Diamonds"

Rochey tells the story of a buck that he's hunted for the last five years he named "Nine of Diamonds."

Episode 703 - Louisiana Saturday Night

The Buckmen gather for a group hunt in Louisiana.

Episode 704 - Bears and Bison

Ryan Langerhans heads to Montana to chase bears and bison.

Episode 705 - Freeloader

Tombo Martin travels to hunt at Luke Bryan's place to hunt.

Episode 706 - Midwest Massacre

The Buckmen gather together to hunt the E3 Ranch in Kansas/Missouri.

Episode 707 - Out West

The Buckmen head to different parts of the western half of the country to chase mule deer, antelope and bison.

Episode 708 - Luke's Place

Willie and Luke hunt Luke's new property in South Texas. Jordan travels to Missouri to go after his first Midwest buck.

Episode 709 - Willie the Bowhunter

Willie takes his first buck in eight years with a bow.

Episode 710 - Texas Throwdown

The Buckmen gather for a group hunt in Texas at the Star S Ranch.

Episode 711 - Welcome to Strut Commander

Introduction to the crew of Strut Commander.

Season: 2015

Episode 601 - Rough Starts

The Buckmen start the year off slow until Luke Bryan gets the ball rolling.

Episode 602 - Olla Bout It

The Buckmen join the Busbice crew in Louisiana on their annual group hunt.

Episode 603 - Backcountry Buckmen

Adam LaRoche and Ryan Langerhans hunt elk in the backcountry of Wyoming.

Episode 604 - Cull of Duty

The Buckmen put a new spin on deer management.

Episode 605 - Off Bulls and Men

Luke Bryan and Matt Light head out west to chase elk with their bows.

Episode 606 - E3

The Buckmen head to Kansas/Missouri on the annual E3 group hunt.

Episode 607 - Hunt For a Cause

The Buckmen take other people with struggles of their own hunting. 

Episode 608 - New Texico

Tombo and Langy hunt elk New Mexico while Willie hunts whitetail Texas.

Episode 609 - Wide Open

The Buckmen stretch their legs and decide to do a little stalking.

Episode 610 - Paternity Leave

Buck Commander family members showcase their skills in the woods.

Episode 611 - Texas Was You

The Buckmen hunt the famous La Perla Ranch in South Texas.

Episode 612 - Cull of Duty

The Buckmen put a new spin on deer management.

Season: 2014

Episode 1 - Costumes and Action Figures

The Buck Commander crew starts the year off on a group hunt in Illinois while Willie goes to Montana.

Episode 2 - Man-date

Rochey and Langy hunt mule deer and antelope in Wyoming.

Episode 3 - Rickiller Carone

Rick Carone elk hunts while battling pancreatic cancer.

Episode 4 - Hot Shots

The Buckmen hunt early season in South Carolina and Texas. 

Episode 5 - A Personal Cameraman

Grant Taylor hires a new cameraman to cover his hunts. 

Episode 6 - Deerstruction Derby

Group hunt at E3 in Kansas turns into a destruction derby.

Episode 7 - Camera Commander

The cameramen of Buck Commander take over the show.

Episode 8 - Bucks and Bulls

Langy and Grant go to New Mexico to chase bulls while Aldean goes to South Texas for whitetail.

Episode 9 - Exotica

Tombo and Aldean hunt exotics in Texas, while Luke goes fishing in the Amazon.

Episode 10 - Buckmen in Training

Buck Commander highlights the younger generation of hunters. 

Episode 11 - Olla atcha Boys

Annual group hunt in Olla, Louisiana.

Episode 12 - Out and About

The Buckmen scatter across the country for late season hunting.

Episode 13 - Camp Champ

The Buckmen look back on the year to see who deserves the title of the "Buck Commander Champion"

Season: 2013

New Boss in Town

Early Missouri introduction of Grant Taylor.

Ridge Reaping

Utah muley with Tombo.


Drake LaRoche's first bowhunt/South Texas with Luke and Jason.

Texas Throwdown

Langy and Jordan head to West Texas/Willie and Grant go to East Texas.

Illinois Invasion

Tombo, Langy, Rochey go to Illinois.

E3 Group Part 1

First group hunt of the year in Kansas and Missouri. Introduction of Matt Light.

E3 Group Part 2

Continuation of Part 1/Rental car destruction.


Willie goes on a roadtrip/Tombo and Langy hunt with Red Arrow TV in Texas.

Olla Group Part 1

Louisiana group hunt at the Busbice's.

Olla Group Part 2

Part 2 of Busbice hunt.

Out and About

Buckmen hunt all over U.S.

Better Late than Never

Part 2 of Out and About

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