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Season: 2015

Episode 1501 - Alberta Velvet

Chris Brackett is hunting some of the biggest whitetails in the world and they are in velvet all is good until a pack of wolves show up. Who will come out on top, the wolves or Chris Brackett?

Episode 1502 - Kansas Heavy Horns

It's early muzzleloader season for giant whitetails. Chris Brackett’s OCD and attention to detail is driving him mad as he tries plan the perfect hunt, he thinks he’s psychic. He may just be as the buck he’s after does exactly what he wants. Watch it unfold like something out of a fairy tail.

Episode 1503 - A Bow, A Bible and a Buck Named 2 Short

Illinois is Chris Brackett's home and he's obsessed with a buck named 2 Short that lives there, will his obsession make him lose his mind before he even gets a shot at him? Watch & see it all unfold one rainy early Oct. night in Illinois.

Episode 1504 - Battle of Axe

Giant Illinois whitetail buck named "Axe" battles Chris Brackett's  patience and there's a construction crew trying to ruin the hunt not to mention the mystery poopers... Fear no evil craziness at its finest!

Episode 1505 - Buckeye Killin' Bucks

Chip city wins a bet and Chris lets him have free reign of his best personal farm back home in Illinois. Then it's off to Killin' Buck in Ohio where Brackett is losing his mind and Chip is ready to quit. Will they pull it together and Fear No Evil or will they lose it and call it quits?

Episode 1506 - Big Stranger

Chris Brackett is at home in Illinois for opener of shotgun season and he thinks it's better than Christmas and there are giant bucks everywhere.

Episode 1507 - Mr. Miagi

Chris Brackett lets Chip City loose to hunt anywhere on his whole farm full of Illinois giant whitetails but hunting a wise old deer like Mr Miagi he's got his hands full and it's a roller coaster events to hold.

Episode 1508 - New Zealand Dream Stag

Dreams become reality when Chris and Chip head to New Zealand to chase red stag. Evil forces, magical powers and giant red stag... but is it all real? Or just a dream?

Episode 1509 - Fear No Evil Spring special

The Fear No Evil crew hunt turkey and then head to Alberta for giant black bears.

Episode 1510 - Proven Deadly

Chris Brackett invites Pat Hylant from Scentlok on a true northern experience as they are going to black bear island lodge after mega giant Black Bears. Up close and personal with booner black bears is what it's about.

Season: 2014

Episode 1 - The Quest to arrow Chuck Noris - Alberta Part 1

Chirs Brackett is surrounded by mega giant whitetails in Alberta. The biggest bucks of his life and the 200 inch velvet dream buck called Chuck Noris is in range and all Chris has to do is make the shot... can he do it?

Episode 2 - The Quest to arrow Chuck Noris - Alberta Part 2

After missing the 200 inch velvet Monster whitetail called Chuck Noris last week, Chris Brackett is still after him, but it seems the dark cloud is still hanging over him and the FNE crew... after one of their crew passes away will the boys dig deep and complete their mission?

Episode 4 - Coming Home - Part 1

This week we start a three part journey in Chris's home state of Illinois. We'll take you through an entire season of what it takes to get close to whitetails.

Episode 5 - Coming Home - Part 2

No place like home .. Good ole Illinois. Chris Brackett has battled Mother Nature and won and the rut has the big wide 8 doing his thing but Brackett has other plans for this wide Illinois buck.. So will it be hello ladies  or a rage in the cage?

Episode 6 - Coming Home - Part 3

Whitetail giants hit the Illinois dirt; Brackett explains how he made the shot of his life on the famous moose buck.

Episode 7 - Blood on the Ohio snow

Chris Brackett's Fear No Evil Presented by Mossy Oak is a darker, more serious look at what makes a hunter tick—it's about pushing one's self to the breaking point and then looking back on the experience and learning from it.

Episode 8 - The Legend of the Unicorn Buck

This week on Fear No Evil, it's muzzle loader season and Chris has an over the counter tag. We go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

Episode 9 - Giant Black Bear Alberta

This week Chris Brackett joins the Martin Archery team and hunts giant Black Bear in Alberta.

Episode 10 - Black Bear Island Lodge

Episode 11 - Snow Goose

Blood on the water in Montana

It's the most epic bowhunt that Chip City and Chris Brackett have ever seen. The FNE warriors are with Powder River Outfitters in southeast Montana. There're big bucks crossing rivers while the thunderstorms are rolling in and with lighting crashing all around, this is a hunt the boys will never ever forget.

Illinois - Part 2

No place like home .. Good ole Illinois. Chris Brackett has battled Mother Nature and won and the rut has the big wide 8 doing his thing but Brackett has other plans for this wide Illinois buck.. So will it be hello ladies  or a rage in the cage?

Season: 2013

Episode 1

Something About Velvet Part 1

Episode 2

Something About Velvet Part 2

Episode 3

Something About Velvet Part 3

Episode 4

South Fork Illinois Whitetails

Episode 5

Early Season Kansas

Episode 6

Illinois Bow

Episode 7

Black Bear Part 1

Episode 8

Black Bear Part 2

Episode 9

South Fork Illinois

Episode 10

Illinois Gun

Episode 11


Episode 12

South Fork Illinois Whitetails

Episode 13

Best of FNE

Season: 2012

Kansas Double Down Showdown Pt. 1

Sparks fly on the way to Kansas for C BRACKETT and the FNE WARRIORS , only to find out Brackett has lost his magic powers, of always hitting his MARK, will he man up and fear no evil or fall short of his mission?

Kansas Double Down Showdown Pt. 2

Brackett regained his powers and is tagged out. ARIKA SANDERS is in FNE boot camp can she make the shot, fill her tags and run with this FNE warrior crew? 2 tags, 2 gobblers, 2 arrows, double down in Kansas can she do it?

Big Bears Everywhere Part 1

Chris Brackett leads three of his FNE warriors on a true northern experience where CB encounters a booner bear at less than 8 yards. Which one makes it out alive?

Big Bears Everywhere part 2

The Fly in Adventure continues after Brackett tags out ... Will Chip City tag out or will there be A birthday Josh will never forget and with time running out will Arika be able to knock down her first Bruin and go home FNE style all tagged out?

Big Bears Everywhere Part 3

The adventure continues in Canada and now the bruins are still thicker than the mosquitoes. Will Arika Sanders finally tag out.

What is that Velvet? Part 1

Velvet whitetails are out in full force as Chris Brackett and Jodi Barnes hunt the Missouri river in Montana . the chess match begins, Jodi's quest for her first whitetail buck with a bow is on. After Jodi dawns the warrior face paint and comes to full draw it's all down to one shot. With the release of the arrow Will her dream come true?

What is that velvet? Part 2

Brackett has three Montana tags burning holes in his pocket. The stands r hung, bow is at the ready and the velvet monarch is at only six yards will it make it out alive?

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