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Season: 2017

Episode 1001 - Del Rio Dilemma

Bass fishing legend Denny Brauer accompanies Kim on Lake Amistad. The bass have been migrated shallow, however the influence of a passing cold front presents a challenge as the two seasoned anglers pitch the bushes with a Rage Bug.

Episode 1002 - Reason to the Season

Kim Stricker probes the aquatic environment of a small inland lake to document the movement of pre-spawn largemouth bass over the duration of a warming trend. His efforts are rewarded while casting a Rage Blade along the edge.

Episode 1003 - Look at that Fish!

Seaguar Assistant Marketing Manager, Brian Evans acquires a lesson in light refraction while sight fishing the smallie-rich flats of Lake St. Clair. Kim provides some guidance from the lake bottoms while conversing with Brian topside.

Episode 1004 - Indian River Hex Hatch

Kim Stricker provides some underwater insight while experiencing a substantial mayfly hatch in Indian River, MI. Mullett Lake is well-known for big smallmouth and the emerging bugs triggered feeding activity on the water's surface.

Episode 1005 - Hop, Skip and a Bump

Kim demonstrates the trials, tribulations and triumphs of skipping the new Strike King "Skipping Jig" with baitcasting equipment. Kim then reveals an underwater view of the bass holding beneath the shaded canopies of docks, pontoons and boat lifts.

Episode 1006 - Wally's World

"Mr. Crappie," Wally Marshall shares his expertise with Kim Stricker while vertically jigging his new "Scizzor Shad" for Broken Bow slabs. Kim provides an informative, close-up underwater view of schools of crappie holding on deep trees and brush.

Episode 1007 - Niagara Special

Professional Angler, Bill McDonald joins Kim for a smallmouth bonanza on the Niagara River. Schools of quality smallmouths will shift their position in the oscillating current and Kim provides a first-hand underwater view.

Episode 1008 - A Matter of Size

The significance of baitfish size is investigated as Strike King Marketing Relationship Manager Mark Copley accompanies Kim on Parksville Reservoir. The two cast a KVD Jerkbait for schooling spotted bass and discover a forage variance.

Episode 1009 - Swimmer's Niche

Sport Fish Michigan founder, Capt. Ben Wolfe and Kim Stricker reveal the effectiveness of Strike King's new "Rage Swimmer" swimbait on big northern Michigan smallies. Kim then further clarifies the pattern from the lake bottom.

Episode 1010 - Two-Tap Territory

Kim Stricker demonstrates the virtues of Strike King's "Tungsten Two-Tap" Red-Eye Shad lipless crankbait. A recent warm trend drew the bass up on the flats for a late fall feed and Kim validates the pattern from an underwater point of view.

Episode 1011 - That's a Big Ol' Pig!

Legendary Elite BASS angler, Shaw Grigsby joins Kim for some exciting pit fishing. Promise Ranch in Central Florida sets the stage for this episode which features Strike King's KVD 8.0 crankbait and stout Florida strain largemouth.

Episode 1012 - Allatoona, the Dead Sea?

Georgia's Lake Allatoona, referred to by some as the "Dead Sea," may surprise you—and host, Kim Stricker and his guest Louie Bartenfield set out to prove it. Winter time offers a good jig bite worth exploring on Georgia's most pressured lake.

Episode 1013 - Mr. Glen Lau

Glen Lau, the award winning producer of the underwater documentary "Bigmouth," accompanies Kim on one of Florida's spring-fed rivers. The two waterlogged underwater explorers then reminisce and share their observations. 

Season: 2016

Episode 901 - Strawberry Moon

Host, Kim Stricker and his son Danny present a bass-eye view of sight fishing for quality sized smallmouth bass. Strike King's "Rage Menace Grub" is the featured lure.

Episode 902 - Like Turtles on a Log

Kentucky Lake expert, Sam Lashlee accompanies Kim to share his skillful aptitude for locating open-water sweet spots for big largemouths. Then, a rarely seen underwater view of the offshore ledges and mussel beds.

Episode 903 - Roamers at the Ridge

Kim returns to Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge on South Dakota's scenic Lake Oahe to target transient post-spawn smallmouth bass. Strike King's "Dream Shot Worm" is the featured lure.

Episode 904 - Grrr, Giggle & Grin

Largemouth Bass schooled under matted vegetation test the attributes of Seaguar's new "Flippin Braid" as well as Kim's fortitude. Strike King's "Rage Menace Grub" punched through the mats produce the strikes.

Episode 905 - Booty and the Beasts

Power-Pole Vice President, Robert Shamblin accompanies Kim in pursuit of big Lake St. Clair smallmouths. Later, an underwater look at the seasonal migration of these ever transitional fish. Strike King's "Swim'n Caffeine Shad" is the featured lure.

Episode 906 - I Like Jigs

Kim and his guest, Professional Angler Kevin Vida, demonstrate the attributes of Strike King's "Tour Grade Football Jigs and Ragetail Trailers". Late summer largemouth bass that position along weedlines in the featured pattern.

Episode 907 - Autumn Uprising

An early autumn phenomenon takes place across Northern Michigan lakes as schools of baitfish ascend from depths to feed on zooplankton. Schools of smallmouth bass follow right behind as Kim reveals with the help of Strike King's "Naked Rage Blade".

Episode 908 - Let the Brand Play On

Strike King President, John Barns accompanies Kim on Tennessee's Lake Chickamauga in commemoration of the legendary lure company's 50th anniversary. The "Sexy Frog" produces some explosive strikes through the matted hydrilla beds.

Episode 909 - Here Fishy, Fishy

Aqua-Vu President, Ben Gibbs proves he's a quick learner as Kim instructs him on the drop shot technique. The smallmouth bass throughout the clear waters of Northern Minnesota display a fondness for Strike King's "Magnum Dream Shot Worm".

Episode 910 - Jungle Hot

Unrelenting heat, prior to the onset of an El Niño winter presents a challenge to Kim and his son Danny on Florida's Big "O". Small bass abound, yet the element of finesse ultimately lures better quality. Strike King's "Rage Bug" is featured.

Episode 911 - Gorillas on a Chandelier

Local guide, Marcel Veenstra accompanies Kim to Indian River, Michigan for giant smallmouths. The fall feed is on and Strike King's "Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig" pays off in a big way.

Episode 912 - Keowee Composition

Local tournament angler, Todd Goade helps Kim demonstrate the effectiveness of a jighead worm around Lake Keowee's array of scattered structure. Strike King's "Fat Baby" Finesse Worm is the featured lure.

Episode 913 - Pig Island

Kim probes reed islands and lily pads in search of mid-winter, Florida-strain bucketmouths. Seaguar's "Flippin Braid" stands up to the challenge while Strike King's 4" "Rodent" is the featured lure.

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - Funky Chunky

Indian River is at the axis of Michigan's longest inland waterway, and it's here where Kim and Danny Stricker chose to target big pre-spawn smallmouths. Underwater they reveal a bass-eye view of how sight and sound affect the fish. 

Episode 802 - Georgia Mountain Finesse

Kim Stricker and his guest Eric Welch trek into the mountains of northeast Georgia to skillfully present jighead worms for both largemouth and spotted bass.

Episode 803 - The Stage Within the Stage

Kim and Danny Stricker closely examine the phases within the smallmouth spawning period and knowledgably reveal useful data to better comprehend the fish's demeanor from an underwater perspective.

Episode 804 - Crappie—Stacked like Cordwood

Wally Marshall "Mr. Crappie" accompanies the Hook n' Look crew on Oklahoma's Broken Bow Lake to target slab crappie in deep brush and standing timber. Kim and Danny later descend to capture rarely seen underwater footage of the massive schools.

Episode 805 - Heroic Triumph

Kim and his guest, Bassmaster Elite Pro—Shaw Grigsby, pref-fish the Potomac River for an upcoming "Reel American Heroes Foundation" event. Later, Kim helps provide some recreational therapy to one of our nation's brave soldiers—while skipping docks.

Episode 806 - Wrestling in the Reeds

Kim and Danny Stricker dissect the inner workings of a shallow reed field to reveal the habitat preferences of largemouth bass. Swimming a Strike King Rage Smokin' Rooster creature bait is the featured presentation.

Episode 807 - Hayward Hospitality

The Hook n' Look crew travel to Hayward, WI to visit the "Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame". Then FLW Touring Pro, Chad Grigsby escorts Kim and Danny to a nearby lake for some smallmouth action. Next, a bewildering underwater segment will surprise you.

Episode 808 - Just a Spoonful

Friend and fellow Michigander, Brian McCarter turns Kim on to a productive pattern for autumn largemouths. Suspended schools of bluegills set the stage for this informative episode. The Strike King Sexy Spoon is the featured lure.

Episode 809 - "100th Episode"

Kim and Danny Stricker reminisce on the early beginnings of the Hook n' Look concept and discuss the knowledge they've attained while exploring underwater. Bass fishing legend, Kevin VanDam then adds his thoughts and support to the one-of-a-kind format.

Episode 810 - Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Tube baits—whether Texas-rigged or exposed jighead, are considered an all-around staple to smallmouth anglers. This week Kim enlightens us on the beneficial characteristics of each as well as the scent of coffee. Strike King Coffee Tubes are featured.

Episode 811 - At the End of My Rope

Seaguar Brand Manager, Gerry Benedicto accompanies Kim on legendary Lake Okeechobee to challenge the attributes of "Smackdown" braided line. The two present swimbaits though the entwined vegetation in search of Florida largemouths.

Episode 812 - Georgia Jewelry

Hook n' Look returns to Carter's Lake with guide, Louie Bartenfield. He and host, Kim Stricker employ TG Finesse Football Jigs along steep banks and the endeavor pays off with some southern bling!

Episode 813 - Gorillas in the Junk

Professional angler and Florida native, Glenn Browne—escorts host, Kim Stricker to a rural big-bass impoundment to demonstrate his aptitude at punching matted water hyacinths. Heavy rods, heavy line, heavy weights and heavy bass!

Season: 2014

Episode 701 - Perception Deception

Ranger Boat’s VP of Sales, Keith Daffron joins host Kim Stricker on famed Bull Shoals Reservoir to share a post-spawn smallmouth pattern. Kim then discloses some underwater observations and offers tips on how to accurately fine-tune your aquatic insight. Later, he demonstrates a productive topwater pattern for post-spawn largemouth as well. Strike King’s Sexy Dawg walking bait is the featured lure.

Episode 702 - Suspension Comprehension

Strike King Lure Company Marketing Manager, Mark Copley accompanies Kim in an endeavor to trigger pre-spawn smallmouths with a KVD Jerkbait. Kim then justifies the prolific pattern from an underwater point-of-view.

Episode 703 - Smallie-Fest 2014

BoatU.S. Angler sweepstakes winner, Bill Kingsbery joins the Hook n’ Look crew for the first annual “Smallie-Fest” on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair. Kim then takes an informative stroll down the “Mile Roads”, and from a bass-eye perspective, reveals the aquatic habitat along this world-renowned fish hatchery. Strike King’s weightless 4” Caffeine Shad is the featured presentation.

Episode 704 - Hunger is the Best Pickle

South Dakota’s scenic Lake Oahe sets the stage for this week’s episode. Although well known as a walleye fishery, Kim and Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge, General Manager, Sean Finley reveal the under-utilized fishery within the overpopulation of smallmouth bass and respectable northern pike. Strike King’s Dream Shot Worm is the featured lure.

Episode 705 - Frog in Their Throat

This week, host Kim Stricker analyzes the irregularities of lily pad fields from above and below the water’s surface. There’s an abundance of forage under the canopy of plant life and Kim produces several blow-ups with Strike King’s Sexy Frog.

Episode 706 - Smallie Smackdown

Kim and his guest, Seaguar Brand Manager, Gerry Benedicto experience the effect of a wind-driven thermal plume. Overnight, smallmouth bass and their food make a sudden depth shift and the reason becomes clearly visible from and underwater perspective. Strike King’s Carolina-rigged Rage Baby Craw is the featured presentation.

Episode 707 - Schools in Session

Employing a Strike King KVD Splash Jr. topwater bait, Kim and Power-Pole VP of Marketing, Robert Shamblin reap the rewards from one particular “sweet spot”—a tightly grouped school of smallmouth bass, condensed in a small area dictated by the current. Later, Kim and his son Danny share the exhilarating experience underwater as they document their first dive with a school of giant Lake Sturgeon.

Episode 708 - Kickin' Bass

Newly retired Detroit Lions placekicker, Jason Hanson makes his Hook n’ Look debut. Although this NFL marvel may have booted his last football, on this episode he demonstrates to Kim that he now gets his kicks on the water! Strike King KVD Splash and Tour Grade Swim Jig are the featured lures.

Episode 709 - It Gives Me the Red Eye

Following a severe thunderstorm, Minnesota Outdoor Writer, Cory Schmidt and host, Kim Stricker validate the effectiveness of a Strike King Red Eye Shad and “Silent” Red Eye Shad. Then, from an underwater vantage point, Danny Stricker captures the action and audible attributes of these versatile lipless crankbaits.

Episode 710 - Deeper Aspirations

After experiencing a productive lipless crankbait pattern, Kim and his guest, Minnesota Outdoor Writer, Cory Schmidt expand their efforts deeper and discover a mega school of better-quality smallmouth and largemouth bass. Strike King’s new “Magnum” Dream Shot Worm is the featured presentation and an eye-opening dive segment tops off this informative and captivating episode.

Episode 711 - A Turn for the Better

Clear water, bright sun, calm conditions and a transient forage base is a challenging scenario for any angler. Kim Stricker employs a couple finesse presentations, which produce good results along South Carolina’s Lake Jocassee channel swings. Strike King Finesse Football-Head Jig and Dream Shot Worm are the featured lures.

Episode 712 - Chickamauga Chunks

Tennessee River fishing guide and bass tournament record holder, Rogne Brown joins host, Kim Stricker to share grass fishing tips and his developed sense of awareness while on the water. Strike King’s Sexy Dawg walking bait is the featured presentation.

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