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Episode Guide

Season: 12

Manny Goes Medieval

Manny demonstrates his medieval skills, taking a huge wild boar with Viking style spears.

Drought and Danger

Severe Drought has caused wildlife to congregate near any water, Manny investigates.

Black Bear Explosion

Manny explores a Florida swamp loaded with black bears.

Pitch Black

Manny explores a primitive river in pitch black darkness, and encounters a monster.

River of Drought

We explore a river during a terrible drought in Florida, to see what predators have migrated into it.

Adventure on the Aucilla River

The Aucilla River starts in Georgia’s black water swamps, and flows through Florida into the Gulf of Mexico, it is also full of predators and prey.

Swimming with dinosaurs

Exploring the Suwanee River, we locate and swim with huge sturgeon, and our local guide shows us the fossil history.

Snapping Turtles of the Sante Fe

Manny explores the Santa Fe river in search of Alligator Snapping turtles and other wildlife.

Wild Boars Wild Nights Part-1

Manny hunts wild Eurasian boars with a spear both day and night. Oh… and man gets bitten, by his best friend!

Wild Boars Wild Nights Part-2

Bring out the dogs! Manny learns the most effective way to hunt wild boar.

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