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Season: 2017

Episode 1701 - Gunsite Scout Rifle Forum

Shooting Gallery helps celebrate Gunsite's 40th Anniversary by highlighting the Gunsite Scout Rifle. We engage in this friendly field-test forum at Gunsite Academy in the high desert of Arizona to showcase the reach and flexibility that this bolt action rifle has to offer.

Episode 1702 - Active Shooter Response Training

Knowledge is power and in this specialized training course what you take from this classroom may just help save your life and the lives of others. Retired Navy Seal, Jimmy Graham facilitates a unique course designed to hone in quick responses to active threats on this Shooting Gallery.

Episode 1703 - USPSA Inaugural Carry Optics National

Shooting Gallery travels to the lush Midwest with Jeff Cramblit and Michael Bane for the very first national competition featuring handguns with slide-mounted optics, a major Shooting Gallery topic over the years. Red dot optics take center stage in this tech-driven match.

Episode 1704 - Nightforce Scopes 2-Gun Tactical Precision Match

Shooting Gallery welcomes some familiar faces in unfamiliar territory. Di Muller and John Snow compete in the Nightforce Scopes 2-gun tactical precision match in Raton, New Mexico. The taxing stages of this tactical match push these skilled shooters and their gear to push their limits.

Episode 1705 - Ruger New Product Introduction and Training Class

Armed with a special invite to the FTW Ranch in southern Texas, Michael Bane is ready to see what's in store with Ruger's new handgun product line for 2017. Some hands on training is in order, of course, with these finely crafted pieces.

Episode 1706 - Red Oktober AK-47 Match, and Tour of Rifle Dynamics

In efforts to pay homage to a long and storied history and break from mainstream 3-gun and high speed matches, Michael Bane heads to Rifle Dynamic's Red Oktober AK-47 match. Both challenging and exciting, competitors shoot a standard, inexpensive factory "Kalash" with surplus ammo at this on-of-a-kind match on American soil.

Episode 1707 - Remington Custom Shop Factory Tour

Sturgis, South Dakota evokes a recognizable reputation but it is not for what you may think. Remington's custom shop is a state of the art facility equipped to fabricate truly ornate and elite weaponry. Shooting Gallery explores all the awesome capabilities on this site visit in the Badlands.

Episode 1708 - Streamlight Factory Tour and Range Test

Streamlight illuminates any situation with their integrated and adaptive lighting tech. Michael visits this operation outside Philadelphia to give us a look into the bright side of Streamlight. 

Episode 1709 - SCCY Firearms Factory Visit and Range Time

One of our biggest requests is how can a person new to concealed carry find a gun that is both high quality and inexpensive. Michael finds the answer to that question from his old friend Wayne Hold and SCCY Firearms in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Episode 1710 - Long Distance Training at FTW Ranch

Micheal Bane and crew head back to FTW for a training on long range accuracy for the purpose of humane hunting…it’s easy to say you’re a long-range hunter, but first and foremost is the ability to make that first shot count. FTW can show you how.

Episode 1711 - Mule Deer Hunt with FTW Ranch

Taking what they learned out on the range, Michael and Shooting Gallery producer, John Carter, take the hills of Texas for a mule deer hunt.

Episode 1712 - IDPA New Division

The International Defensive Pistol Association, IDPA, recently added yet another option for the defensive shooter who wants to take their skills to the next level — the Concealed Carry Pistol division, focusing on the guns people really carry. Michael and his Glock G18 carry gun join IDPA Champions Randi Rogers and Tom Yost for some inside info.

Episode 1713 - The Versatility of a 9MM AR

Michael delves into the world of the carbine and the versatile platform of the 9mm AR in this Shooting Gallery.

Season: 2015

Episode 1501 - International Revolver Championships

Michael travels to San Luis Obispo California for the International Revolver Championships to showcase the best and sometimes worst of the world of wheel guns.

Episode 1502 - MGM Ironman 3 Gun

Special guest Dianna Liedorff guides Michael and the viewers through the world's most challenging 3 Gun competition from Idaho.

Episode 1503 - Shooting Gallery Goes to Italy

Michael takes a special trip to Italy and the home of Benelli shotguns with team shooter and regular guest Dianna Liedorff.

Episode 1504 - Safari Rifle Challenge

The show brings you a special inside look at big bore rifles and safari type challenges from Montana with special guest Outdoor Life magazine's John Snow.

Episode 1505 - Rimfire Challenge

Michael travels to Idaho for an inside look at the latest .22 hardware and the fun but challenging competition from the Tactical Solutions rimfire match.

Episode 1506 - The World Shooting Championships

The show covers the first ever World Shooting Championships from West Virginia and features Jerry and Lena Miculek's bid to win this challenge in all-around shooting competition.

Episode 1507 - Lever Actions for Self-Defense

Michael brings in special guests for a unique perspective on the versatiltiy of the lever action rifle including use for self-defense.

Episode 1508 - Connecticut Shotgun

Michael gets an exclusive tour of Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing, home of some of the most soft after American made double guns in the world as well as new innovations.

Episode 1510 - SilencerCo Firearms Suppressors

This episode explores one of the most innovative manufacturing companies in the firearms world and the people who created the first commecially-viable shotgun silencer.

Episode 1509 - Long Range Rifle School

Michael and show regular Dianna Liedorff travel to the Hill Country of Texas to tackle a challenging but confidence building long range rifle class at the FTW Ranch.

Episode 1511 - Midnight 3 Gun

Michael travels to Oregon and the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun match shot exclusively in the dark time using innovative laser sights and weapon mounted lights.

Episode 1512 - Israel Weapons Industries Part 1

The show travels to Israel Weapons Industries to explore the phenomenom that is the Tavor rifle, the weapon of military Israel and a huge hit with the US consumer.

Episode 1513 - Israel Weapons Industries Part 2

The show continues its journey to Israel to explore the stalwarts of the Israel Weapons Industries in the Galil and Uzi as well as new innovations like the X95 and Negev.

Season: 13

Duel in the Sun

We kick off our new season of Shooting Gallery with a unique competition between top cowboy action shooters and top 3-Gun shooters. Randi “Holy Terror” Rogers, Spencer “Lead Dispenser” Hoglund and Stephen “Badlands Bud” Rubert compete against Ian Harrison, Dianna Liedorff and Kalani Laker. It is also time for a return of the Shooting Gallery Celebrity Shootout, this week with the host of Outdoor Channel’s Grateful Nation, Tim Abel.

Ride Along With Sara

Normally, you’ll see law enforcement officers like Staff Sergeant Sara Ahrens on Shooting Gallery as experts at a shooting range. Now you’ll get a chance see her at her day job or in this particular episode, her night job. On the celebrity shootout, you’ll meet Meshach Taylor. In our studio segment, Michael Bane talks about how to set up a Gun Trust.


On this Shooting Gallery, we travel to Poland to see where some of the world’s best and most diverse firearms are manufactured. Josh Stewart is our next contestant in our Celebrity Shootout.

IDPA Crash Test Dummy

We venture to North Carolina for the IDPA National Championships to see if anyone can compete in this sport. In this case, the anyone is Katie Rowe, a professional stunt woman.

Ruger Rimfire Challenge 2012

In this episode, we bring an expert back to teach young and old alike all about rimfire competitions. Then we take those lessons to the Ruger Rimfire Challenge match in Byers Colorado. Joe Mantegna from Gun Stories is shooting our Celebrity Challenge.

Ballistics 2012

In this episode, we show you ballistics in super slow motion and how various rounds of ammunition perform in real world material. Chris Rich shoots our Celebrity Challenge.

Midnight 3 Gun

In this episode, we turn out the lights in a brand new competition from Crimson Trace that takes place in the dark. Defensive lights and lasers were not meant for sporting purposes, but Crimson Trace decided there should be a sport where these devices were applicable. Chris Knight from “The Bradys” shoots our Celebrity Challenge.


In this episode, we introduce you to Project Appleseed, an activity of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association, dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills.  Geoff Pierson from “Dexter” shoots our Celebrity Challenge.

Philippines and Armscor

In this episode, we travel half way around the globe to the Philippines and Armscor, a preeminent player in the 1911 world and now an innovator with exciting new shooting platforms. Gia Mantegna shoots our Celebrity Challenge.

1911 & Wild Bunch

In this episode, we are focusing on the 1911 semi-automatic pistol. First out is a visit to Doug Turnbull who does magic with guns. You’ll see how he build a custom 1911 Wild Bunch model for SASS members. Then we’re off to Texas for a SASS Wild Bunch match and we’ll also learn how far and accurately we can shoot a 1911 pistol. You will be surprised.

Zero to Hero w/Kyle Lamb

In this episode, legendary trainer Kyle Lamb takes blogger Ron Larimer and DRTV forum member Jason Crotteau through an intensive two day training course with a carbine.

Comin' at Cha'

Cowboy action shooting is back with a vengeance with the world renowned Dooley Gang in Texas and the Comin' at Cha' match.

Best of Shooting Gallery Season 13

Michael takes a look back at the highlights of lucky season 13 with the presentation of Shooting Gallery's Guns of the Year.

Season: 12

Ruger Rimfire World Championships

Michael travels to New Mexico for the Ruger Rimfire World Championships.


An inside story into the greatest boon to good shooting.

3 Gun Challenge

Michael travels to shooting's hottest new sport.

Survival Challenge

Michael endures 24 hours, 36 miles, 5 shooting challenges.

IDPA World Championships

Michael travels to Florida for the inaugural IDPA world championships.

2011 Knob Creek

A quiet weekend in Kentucky, NO, an inside look at America's largest full auto rally.


72 hours in Brazil on a crazed trip to Taurus, one of the world's largest arms manufacturers.

Full Custom

How Hamilton Bowen builds the best in the world.

Tombstone Reenacted

The OK corral, finally the way it really happened.

Hollywood Guns

Michael travels into the wilds of Hollywood to see how guns really make it into TV.

Future Guns

An around the country tour of the guns, you, and the US Military, will be buying tomorrow.


What really happens when bullets hit semi-fluid media.

Significant Guns of the Year (Best of Season 12)

In this last episode of season 12, host Michael Bane picks three guns that he thinks are standout weapons of the past year.

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