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Season: 2016

Episode 701 - Desert Velvet

Tim Burnett is hunting the remote northern deserts of Nevada. He has found a bachelor group of bucks hanging out in the wide open spaces. It's as hot as hell with little shade, but he's got the buck he wants at 30 yards.

Episode 702 - Hawaiian Hot Spot

Remi Warren is the stereotypical nomad hunter. He now finds his temporary home in the islands of Hawaii. With plenty of wild game to pursue, Remi is right at home living off the land and being the top predator.

Episode 703 - Bond of Brothers

Introducing the other brother. Boyd is Tim's younger and more energetic brother. A predator like no other, Boyd has the ability to turn on the kill switch at any moment. But can he do it with a camera in tow? We will see.

Episode 704 - Battle of the Bulls

Tim Burnett has successfully killed a bull elk with his bow for the last 3 years in a row. But now he is only after a 6x6 or better. The frustrations are high, but Tim is on the largest bulls of his career. Will he connect yet again?

Episode 705 - Mind Over What's the Matter

With a few misses under his belt over the last week of hunting elk, Tim has returned back to find the largest bull he has ever hunted. He has elk all around him and several bulls in shooting distance, but it’s the big boy or nothing.

Episode 706 - Forest of Fire

Remi Warren is on a remote hunt for mule deer in the mountains of Idaho. October can be a difficult time to find a good buck in this area and the deer densities are low, but Remi is hungry. And only the heart of a mule deer will suffice him.

Episode 707 - Trophy Places

The Gritty Bowmen Brian Call has been on a quest for a truly mature Columbian blacktail deer for nearly a decade. That drive has evolved into more than just hunting for deer. Quality management, habitat restoration, property preservation and love of the land.

Episode 708 - Rad Dad

After 5 seasons with Solo Hunter, Remi finally gets the chance to drag his dad out on a filmed hunt. Remi and his dad, Dan, share an epic adventure in Alaska together and come out with an amazing caribou bull and a great story to share.

Episode 709 - Ice Breaker Buck

Tim Burnett is deep into the roughest hunting season of his career. It's mid November and he has yet to notch a tag. The weather in Montana is bitter cold and wet, but he is as resolved as ever to put a mature mule deer buck in the truck.

Episode 710 - Nomad Hunter

Remi Warren is back on the island - the famed South Island of New Zealand. He has made this area one of his many nomadic homes and is back to see what new species and epic adventures he can find.

Episode 711 - Old Man of the Desert

Although it looks like Tim is the old man of the desert, he is actually after a legendary buck that has been rumored to have been in the area. To date no one has any proof that this buck exists other than some local folk lore. But Tim had success here last season on a 200" flyer buck. And he's willing to chase the rumor down.

Episode 712 - Bowhunters Dream

Brother Boyd is on the hunt for a DIY free-range aoudad sheep and javelina in south western Texas. It's hot and dry and the bands of rams have split off from the herd. Carrying his longbow and rifle to hunt down anything that he is lucky enough to find.

Episode 713 - Sweat and No Tears

Tim Burnett is on the Texas and Mexico border in the early spring. Temperatures are already reaching the 90s and forecast to hit 100. A DIY free-range aoudad ram is the goal, but will the high temperatures and rigors of an already difficult season slow Tim down?

Season: 2015

Thunder Rolling

Early season bow hunting for big mule deer bucks in Nevada. Thunder, lightning and rain seem to be on the side of the bucks.

High Desert Extreme

Bow hunting for mule deer in the high deserts of eastern Nevada. The elements are extreme but so are the bucks.

Diamond Peak

Time to gain elevation on the mule bucks. It all comes down to the last few days of the season in Nevada to arrow one of the big twin bucks.

Juniper Madness

Last day fling with a velvet mule deer. It is prime-time to let an arrow fly on a Nevada muley.

SOLO Elk Pack Out

How does one man pack out an entire elk on his own? One piece at a time. A big bull is on the ground so now it is time to break it down and pack it out. SOLO style.

Alaska for Blacktail

Elements, beauty and the extreme. Chasing coastal black-tailed deer in the rugged Alaskan extreme.

3rd Season Colorado

First time for Colorado. Hunting mule deer during the pre-rut in a state known for producing giants every year.

Kiwi Land Stag

The roar is on and the stags are cruising. Remi has only two days to see if he can chase down a giant free range stag.

From the Fans

A little friendly competition between fellow fans. Tim shares hunting camp with six lucky fans of the show. Can they survive?

Fallow on the Grill

Remi is on his return visit to find a record class fallow buck. Last year he found success with his bow but this time he wants a giant. And he brought out the big guns.

12 Below Zero

November is not the best time to hunt elk but when you have a limited draw muzzle loader tag in your pocket you go. No matter how cold it gets.

Long Season Wapiti

Montana bound for elk. It's nice to have the chance to chase elk during the rut, but sometimes it takes an entire season to finally get one found.

Gale Force Bow Hunt

Tim's largest mule deer with a bow. High winds can be frustrating to bow hunt in. Rutting mule deer and crazy winds equal maddening success.

Season: 2014

Episode 501

This week, the team is on an archery mule deer in Nevada with Tim Burnett.

Episode 502

This week, the team is on an archery mule deer in Nevada with Remi Warren.

Episode 503

Archery elk in Nevada with Tim Burnett.

Episode 504

Bighorn sheep in Nevada with Remi Warren.

Episode 505

Archery elk in Idaho part 1 with Tim Burnett.

Episode 506

Archery elk in Idaho part 2 with Tim Burnett.

Episode 507

Welcome to Mordor.

Episode 508

Free-range fallow deer with a bow.

Episode 509

Archery bucks in the November rut.

Episode 510

Late-season bull elk in the back country.

Episode 511

Big rut with big bucks in November.

Episode 512

Winter storm elk hunt in November.

Episode 513

Mule deer in the brutal elements.

Season: 2013

Mountain Tahr With Tim Burnett

A rare DIY hunting adventure for free-range wild mountain tahr on public lands in New Zealand's Southern Alps with host Tim Burnett.

High Country Mule Deer With Remi Warren

Hunting and surviving for ten days in the rugged high mountain terrain of Nevada with host Remi Warren.

High Country Mule Deer With Tim Burnett

Epic eight day bow hunting adventure in the rugged high mountain terrain of Nevada with host Tim Burnett.

Alone In Africa Part 1 With Remi Warren

Epic part one of a two part SOLO journey of host Remi Warren hunting and living off the land alone on the dark continent of Africa.

Alone In Africa Part 2 With Remi Warren

Epic conclusion of a two part SOLO journey of host Remi Warren hunting and living off the land alone on the dark continent of Africa.

Season: 2012

Who are we? Solo Defined

Who are we? Solo defined.

Alaska Dall Sheep

Alaska dall sheep.

Nevada Antelope

Nevada antelope.

Idaho Elk

Idaho elk.

Wyoming Mule Deer

Wyoming mule deer.

Idaho Mt. Goat

Idaho mountain goat.

Nevada Mule Deer

Nevada mule deer.

KY and OK Whitetail

Kentucky and Oklahoma whitetail.

Arizona Coues and Javalina

Arizona coues and javalina.

Alaska Brown Bear and Montana Moose

Alaska brown bear and Montana moose.

Idaho Mt. Lion

Idaho mountain lion.

New Zealand Public Land Tahr

New Zealand public land tahr.

New Zealand Free Range Stag

New Zealand free-range stag.

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