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Season 3 | Episode 1

Sean Stemaly's First Osceola!

Zach and Mary are back on the road for their favorite time of year, turkey season! They're starting out in Sou...

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Season 3 | Episode 2

The Turkey Curse - Florida Turkey Hunting

Have you had a turkey hunting curse? Last week Sean Stemaly pulled the trigger on his first Osceola and left h...

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Season 3 | Episode 3

Roll Tide - The Turkey Drought

Zach and Mary head south to Alabama for opening day of turkey season. They're hunting with Jay Collett of Coll...

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Season 3 | Episode 4

Giant Alabama Longbeard!

Zach and Mary are in Alabama with Justin Roberts trying to fill their tag. After six quiet long, quiet days it...

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Season 3 | Episode 5

We'll Sleep after Turkey Season!

The Country Outdoors crew is going turkey hunting in Tennessee via a Dillon Carmichael concert in Alabama! I g...

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Season 3 | Episode 6

Lowcountry Longbeards!

Zach and Mary are loading up the camper and pointing to towards Wappaoolah Plantation in South Carolina! Neit...

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Season 3 | Episode 7

LoneStar State Gobblers

Mary is headed back home to Australia and leaving Zach and Levi on their own to turkey hunt. So Texas it is! ...

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Season 3 | Episode 8

North To Nebraska

Nebraska won the coin flip so the Country Outdoors crew is headed north! The boys have a tag to fill before th...

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Season 3 | Episode 9

Nashville Comes to Hulett, WY!

They have brought four amazingly talented country artists out to hunt in the competition. Ray Fulcher, Jared M...

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Season 3 | Episode 10

Great Day! Montana Turkeys

Spencer Pruit from Groove Life and Scarlet Fernandez are joining Zach and Mary as they make a day trip to Big ...

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