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Strike Zone Guide Tip - Better Handling of Decoys

Spooney Clark of Dog N Duck Outfitters in Alberta, Canada explains a better way to store and pick up your deco...

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Strike Zone Blooper - Shoot the Cork

Hunts can last for days, but a TV episode is only 30 minutes. So what happens with all of the extra footage a...

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Strike Zone Guide Tip - Learn the Blood Knot

One of the most useful knots an angler should know is the Blood Knot. The Blood Knot is used for tying two pie...

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Strike Zone Guide Tip - Find Your Hunting Ground at Night

Bob Clark of Dog N Duck outfitters in Alberta Canada knows a thing or two about Duck and Goose hunting.

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Duck Artist Jim Sprankle - Strike Zone Confidential

Hunters are not the only people who enjoy the outdoors. Artists who photograph, draw, sculpt and paint the wil...

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